Marc Marquez Cleared to Race in Austin, As His Diplopia Improves

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Marc Marquez’s second bout of diplopia, or double vision, inside the space of six months has been resolved favorably. The Repsol Honda team today announced he would make his return in Austin, after being given the go ahead by his doctors.

The news was not a complete surprise. Marquez had posted earlier on Tuesday that he had been at Alcarras, riding a Honda CBR600RR, as a test of his eyesight.

That test, and the examination by Dr Sanchez Dalmau, the ophthalmologist treating Marquez, showed that Marquez had improved enough to be able to take part in the Grand Prix of The Americas in Austin.

Marquez’s current bout of diplopia had occurred after a monster highside during warm up for the Indonesian Grand Prix at Mandalika.

Though he came away without breaking any bones, he was ruled out of the race with concussion, and on the flight home to Barcelona, he developed a mild case of double vision.

His ophthalmologist prescribed a conservative approach, as he had after the problem occurred in October 2021, after Marquez had crashed during enduro training.

Marquez will be particularly keen to make his return at the Circuit of The Americas, because of his stellar record there.

He has won there eight times, only missing out once in 2019, when an issue with engine braking caused him to crash. Despite his injury, his record in Texas suggests he will start the race as one of the favourites.

Photo: Repsol Hon