Friday at Indianapolis with Tony Goldsmith

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Photo: © 2014 Tony Goldsmith / TGF Photos – All Rights Reserved

Tony Goldsmith is an Isle of Man based freelance motorcycle racing photographer specializing in the Isle of Man TT races. He has also covered selected rounds of the British Superbike Championship and MotoGP. His online archive is available at and he can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.

  • L2C

    Just a few moments ago, I went to the Gas Jeans website for the very first time. I never pay attention to the sponsers, and am only really aware of the big names like Repsol, Movistar, Monster etc. Well, I guess one could say that Marquez was born to do it. If I didn’t follow MotoGP and visited the website clueless to who he was, he would have appeared to me as just one of the other many exceptional looking young persons that’s featured on the site. He fit right in.

    I did find the Pop-Up Jeans “The perfect bottom” ads pretty hilarious, though. Pretty sure he wouldn’t be caught dead hawking those! They’re for young ladies anyway. But being “Gas Jeans” made the whole thing even funnier, (blame Ron Burgundy), and the pictures reminded me of something that cats do. LOL…

    I have a feeling we won’t be seeing any “MTV Cribs” stunts from Marquez. His people know what they’re doing.

    Anyway, Tony, your photos appear really soft, as well as vibrant, this time around. Were the overcast skies at Indy partly responsible for them coming out like that? They look great!

  • The clouds acted like a giant diffuser so no nasty harsh sun to ruin everything. Turned out to be nice conditions in the morning for taking pictures.

  • L2C

    Thanks, Tony. And I like how you contrasted Rossi’s and Marquez’s autograph sessions. Are you saying that Rossi has been around since the days of B/W TV? Then there’s Marc, surrounded by a much younger crowd, getting in on a selfie.

    Rossi does remember a time when there was no Internet, though. He might even remember disco. A Flock of Seagulls, certainly. ;-)

  • Jw

    Cals photo for me was the stand out. B and W with blurry parts covering him in some places along with a dark face.

    I was wondering if this was because he was notty to the press, again, at the opening press conference?

    I too love to study the photography in MotoGP and want to thank you for your contribution to this great sport.