Brad Binder has had surgery to fit a new plate to his broken left arm. The original plate, which had been fitted over the winter after he had broken the radius in his left arm, had worked loose, and was not holding the bone together properly. Binder has now had that issue corrected in Barcelona.

The South African had broken his arm in a big crash at Valencia in November, and had undergone surgery to fix the bones in place. This surgery had not taken properly, however, the bone not knitting together properly.

Binder had ridden despite the pain, but in Argentina, the pain had become much worse. An examination of the arm showed that the plate had become partially detached, and the bone had broken again. Despite the pain, Binder rode to a tenth place finish in Argentina, a remarkable result all things considered.

On Thursday, Binder had surgery at the Dexeus Hospital in Barcelona. There, Dr. Mir removed the old plate, inserted a bone graft to help reattach the bone, and inserted a new plate, allowing Binder to rotate his arm correctly.

Binder now faces a three-week period of rest, before he can start to exercise again. He is certain to miss the US round of Moto2 at Austin next weekend, and is unlikely to be fit in time for Jerez.

The most likely time frame for the reigning Moto3 champion is that he will make his return at Le Mans. Who will replace Binder is as yet unknown, but given KTM have Mika Kallio on the books as a test rider, he is the obvious choice.

Source: KTM Racing

This article was originally published on MotoMatters, and is republished here on Asphalt & Rubber with permission by the author.

  • n/a

    How or why was he allowed to race with a broken arm?

  • Large ones, and probably painkillers.

  • WhyDoesn’tProLetMePost?

    Couple of years back I read somewhere (here?) that Lorenzo in Assen(?) had to do a few push up to prove he was fit to ride. It could also be as ridiculous as that.

  • You probably did read it here. There are a few ad hoc tests they’ll have riders do in order to prove their ability to operate a motorcycle or clear away from a crash.

    P.S. A&R Pro comments seem to be working for me.

  • Barry Rothwell Taylor

    For flat and steeplechase jockeys in England they would just check that ” the bits and should bend did and the stuff that shouldn’t didn’t … ” Dick Francis
    Seems the same rules apply here – in which case kudos to the medics at Misano for not letting Iannone ride with two broken vertebre while under intense pressure from Dorna to pass him fit .

    Hope this time that the bone heals , we need men of Binder’s ability in the championship – WHEN he’s fit enough …

  • PAra

    Risking his carrer over one race. One crash, one unfortunate fall on the same arm and he is gone.

  • BBQdog

    Too bad. Am going to Assen would love to see him ride.

  • Shinigami

    You ever skim over something and have a word register incorrectly? “Replated” read as “replaced”. A whole ‘other thing!

  • Shinigami

    True of each and every race. But unlike the great unwashed, these people don’t dwell on the possibility of failure.

  • Welcome to my dyslexic world.