Moto2: Ant West Loses Appeal in Doping Case

11/23/2013 @ 10:54 am, by David Emmett23 COMMENTS


Ant West has been issued a retroactive ban by the Court of Arbitration for Sport, and has had almost all the results for the last 18 months declared invalid.

All of West’s results between the Le Mans 2012 race and 20th October 2013 have been declared null and void, and will be scrapped from the official Moto2 results.

The retroactive ban goes back to a failed doping test at Le Mans in 2012. West had bought a supplement energy drink without checking the ingredients, and subsequently failed a drug test.

The energy drink (Mesomorph) turned out to contain the banned substance methylhexaneamine, traces of which were found in West’s urine.

At the time, the FIM imposed a one month suspension on West, but the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) appealed against the leniency of the ban, and that appeal has now been partially upheld.

The CAS found that West had violated the anti-doping code, and that the use of the banned substance methylhexaneamine offered important short-term benefits in competition, which demanded punishment.

However, the CAS were inclined to be more lenient than WADA had hoped, rejecting WADA’s call for a two-year ban, and imposing an 18-month penalty.

Furthermore, the penalty was imposed retroactively, meaning that West only faced a loss of existing results, rather than a ban from competition from this point on.

But the penalty could have financial implications for West, as the Australian had two podiums at Sepang and Phillip Island in 2012, and both those results will now be rendered null and void. West may face claims to return any bonuses or prize money received for those results.

The provisional judgment of the CAS can be read in the PDF file on their website, with the full judgment due to be posted on the CAS website in the coming days.

Source: CAS

This article was originally published on MotoMatters, and is republished here on Asphalt & Rubber with permission by the author.

  • captnqrtrs

    The ban is enough, he shouldn’t have to relinquish his podiums for really an infraction on a drink that he was unaware of, i’m sure his people could have looked out for this as well him.

  • L2C

    This is bullshit. Let him get injured. They’ll pump him full of painkillers and have him back out on the track in no time. No penalty for short-term benefits.

    I swear, there’s nothing like the racing world to piss you off every chance it gets.

  • Skip

    He should tell them he is Spanish they might be more lenient

  • johnc

    meh! all of these namby-pamby race rulings are absolute shite this past year.

    and as for drug usage while on the job, it does not seem to have hampered mayor rob ford of toronto, eh? ;-)

  • TexusTim

    oops no more mesomorph phenadrine supplement

  • “I swear, there’s nothing like the racing world to piss you off every chance it gets.”

    No kidding!

  • R2C2

    Revisionist history at it’s highest. It’s completely shite. If there was an issue, it should have been dealt with on the spot, penalties moving forward rather than going back in time and trying to undo everything.

  • Minibull

    @L2C: Amazing, I have never thought of that. How are the painkillers not considered performance enhancing when a rider would have a hard time riding well without them…
    Piss poor IMO, and bloody hard on West.

  • crshnbrn


    Perhaps the key distinction is that methylhexaneamine is a “banned” substance where some pain killers are not, even though they could be considered to enhance a competitor’s performance if he/she feels less pain especially when performing with an injury.


    Not to mention how does punishing West retroactively affect everyone who finished behind him?
    What a mess!

  • phil

    Personally I think anti doping goes too far . Its a sad day when you can’t even have a harmless drink because someone in a lab thinks your cheating.

  • paulus

    I hate to say it… but doping is rife in most sports. There is too much money at stake.

    How do you APPEAR to have a clean sport?
    Make a banned substance list that is a couple of generations older than the latest medication and/or leave items off the list that are needed to make the sport work.

    the organisation claim to be testing, the sport continues to get ever faster, higher, longer, quicker…. the bucks keep rolling in.

  • Moot

    All this just because he drank an energy drink thar is not Red bull or Monster.

  • Seb

    Indeed he’s not Spanish so… he gets the max punishment.
    About the component, it’s happened recently in a fitness competition. In Europe it’s very regulated so anything over the counter has to be lebelled with all components etc (and you’ll have a hard time finding anything more than caffeine really) but in other countries the regulations are quite more “free”.
    In any case I don’t think he got much of an advantage from it. Yes it’s a very mental sport but you also need to stay calm, so anything beyond caffeine is useless imo. On the physical side of the sport, and many will want to burn me alive for saying this, it’s really not very physical beside forearms and thighs. I spent 2 weeks training with Sete Gibernau, he was quite strong but look at Rossi or Lorenzo. Anyone who say they are high level athletes on the physical part, is a joke. This sport is all about mental annnnnd the equipment you have access to. You want strength in th eengine, not in the arms :) Of course at this level they are absolutely high achievers, exceptional guys.

  • David,
    It would be total bullshit for them to come after West for any prizemoney from that period (besides the fact that amounts would be negligible, it would be needlessly vindictive. They’ve done their damage, and should forget about any retroactive penalty.

    For a detailed analysis of West’s “infraction”, read this:

    The whole thing was, and remains, a ridiculous exercise in the creation of petty sports fiefdoms.


  • Bill

    Could not agree more with Mr. Gardiner.

  • Norm G.

    dope is for dopes. no seriously I think all this is a bunch o’ hooey. felt the same over a decade ago with Haga. this ain’t stick and ball. with all due respect to big money sponsors Redbull and Monster, there’s nothing you can put in your body that’s going to make a human perform appreciably better in the world of motorsport (emphasis on the word MOTOR). westy ended the season on all of 61 points. pol collected 265. NATCORK reigns supreme.

  • j

    It take’s a very large dosage to have an affect of this drug.He may have had some trace’s but how much did he have ? The rider messed up and yes he was busted but to do this much damage seem’s irresponsible and mean.

  • You guys need to put the “not Spanish” comments to bed. The FIM gave him a slap on the wrist, it was WADA that increased the penalty to an 18-month retroactive ban.

  • “You guys need to put the “not Spanish” comments to bed.”

    Without a conspiracy theory to whine about, a lot of people wouldn’t know what to do with themselves.

  • Jw

    THIS sport has rules, it needs rules. If riders don’t want to follow them, they can find another sport, like monster trucks

  • Tanker Man

    There has to be more to this. According to this story, all he did was drink an energy drink that is available to everyone. If it is a legal drink how can he be punished? I realize that he IS being punished but the available information defies explanation.

  • Not really. Something doesn’t have to be illegal, in a controlled substance sort of way, for it to be illegal for athletes to use in competition.

    It’s not an energy drink like Red Bull is an energy drink, it’s a pre-workout drink that people use to have increased energy and stamina so they can workout harder. There are a lot of products in this space that have WADA-banned substances. Top-tier athletes know this, and some are more reckless (intentionally or unintentionally) with what they put in their bodies.

    As an athlete that has performed at this level, I have zero sympathy for Ant on this issue. He is not a victim. Instead, he did not pay close enough attention to what he was using, and he got caught. There is no excuse for that.

    Performance enhancing supplements is a huge deal in sport right now, and WADA is coming down on athletes like a ton of bricks for the pure and simple reason that they want to get ahead of this trend and stamp it out. That’s why you see a huge disparity between what the FIM imposed and what WADA appealed the sentence to be.

  • Ps. Mark I like how you downplay what methylhexaneamine does as a substance. The leading reason its on the WADA list is because of the serious health concerns that surround its usage.

    Maybe its safe, maybe its not. I’m frankly okay with the seven or so countries that have decided to error on safety and restricted its usage.