Alex Marquez is to join Marc VDS in the Moto2 class. The Spaniard has signed a two-year deal with the Belgian racing team to compete on their Kalex Moto2 bike for the next two seasons. Marquez will join Tito Rabat at Marc VDS to form a Spanish dream team in Moto2, with Rabat once again challenging for the title, while Marquez gets up to speed.

The Marquez announcement will likely be the first of many in the weeks leading up to the Aragon entry deadline. Both Jack Miller and Alex Rins will also be leaving Moto3, with Miller widely rumored to be moving up to MotoGP, and Rins off to join the Pons team with Luis Salom. However, there were whisperings at Silverstone that Miller may not be going straight to MotoGP after all.

LCR’s new British sponsor is believed to want a British rider on the production Honda. In that case, Miller would go to Moto2 with the Pons team. Whether that would mean Sito Pons would expand his team to three riders is unclear, but with a title sponsor now on board, that could be a possibility.

Marquez’s move to Marc VDS does reduce the likelihood that Emilio Alzamora will create a new Moto2 team via the Monlau structure. The Estrella Galicia 0,0 team will continue in Moto3, with Fabio Quartararo moving up along with Maria Herrera, in all probability.

Whether the move of Marquez to Marc VDS reflects the start of a more formal collaboration between Marc VDS and Alzamora / Monlau remains to be seen, but is an intriguing possibility.

With the Estrella Galicia Junior team also continuing in the Spanish CEV championship, that would provide a pipeline of talent for the Marc VDS team, and offer a stepping stone into MotoGP for Alzamora.

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  • Jimbo

    I dont understand. Rabat is leading the championship, has won half the races he starts and has been on the podium 8 out of twelve races. Jack Miller has had 4 wins from 12 starts and 6 podiums. Rabat doesnt get the promotion (which he deserves), Miller doesn’t get a one level promotion (which he desrves) but gets to skip a whole class???

    Shouldn’t Rabat be snapped up by a MotoGP team or am I missing something?

  • n/a

    Exactly right @Jimbo.

    If Miller was dominating every session he took part in, it would possibly make sense.

  • Frank

    Yeah- not really sure what the deal is with Rabat. I figured he’d be the clear favorite for the Moto2 title this year and he’d go to GP next season. He is really having a great year and this last race was maybe the best of his career. Kallio is rumored to head back to GP which I think would be deserved but why not Tito? No idea.

    Should be a great team next year though with younger Marquez and Rabat. Tito could mentor Alex on the bike. They already train together. But yeah – Rabat > Miller by a LONG SHOT. I would honestly be pretty surprised if Jack Miller goes to GP, despite all of the speculation. It would be interesting and part of me digs the prospect simply to see what would come of it, but I really don’t think it would be wise on the part of any involved parties to throw Miller to the wolves. I saw McWilliams tweet a picture post-race Sunday night saying something to the effect of ‘They take no prisoners in Moto2.’ And that is a grown @$$ man who has been there. Jack Miller would get devoured in GP. To his credit, he seems to be taking a smarter approach to his championship chase in recent races and seems to be coping with the underpowered KTM as best he can – but Bestianini beat him on a KTM this last week and stayed with the front pack the whole race. And he’s 16. If Miller has trouble dominating the smallest class how does anyone figure he can handle himself with the best in the world? I for one have never fooled myself into thinking he actually can.

  • Scottie
  • Highside Specialist

    But what does all this mean for my favorite Moto2 pilot, Mika Kallio, the Kimi of motorcycles? He’s experienced, he’s second in the points race, he has great race craft AND he doesn’t bin the bike very often at all.
    He’s been rumored to perhaps stepping back up to MotoGP, but who would give up the number 2 guy if he didn’t already have a plan?

  • Kalle

    Yes, please enlighten us on how this affects Mika!

  • H.L.

    I’m just not sold yet on A.M. long term as a future threat in MotoGP. He’ll probably get nepotism type perks throughout his career just because..Had the pleasure to attend the COTA race this year and it was troubling to me to see him crash on the last lap on the second to last corner and show absolutely no emotion.

    J. Miller has definitely lost his focus and drive, ever since the MotoGP rumors went public.

    The Tito Rabat situation certainly is weird. He should definitely be considered for a MotoGP ride. Watching him never give up and relentlessly chase down Nakagami who had a ridiculous like 5-6 second lead at Indy last year was surreal and impressive. It took him the whole dam race to catch him, that’s how far out Nakagami was. Tito also had to come from 4th or 5th place to just get clear and start reeling him in. That’s when I took notice and started watching his results closely.

    I used to be worried about the future of MotoGP when it came to competition for Lorenzo, Marquez, Pedrosa and Rossi but not anymore. When the young guns (Quartararo, Rabat, Maverick, Redding, Bastianini, Maybe Rins, Pol E., Aegerter) get a couple years under their belt in MotoGP, it will be fireworks for sure.

  • Seth

    to me the move makes sense on Tito’s part, he comes from a wealthy family and like Tom Sykes is in control of the series he competes in, winning races and possibly a championship. why move up to GPs now where he will be mired mid-pack at best when he can continue in Moto2 for a few more seasons and continue to win races/championships and propel himself into a better position. I for one would wait and see if a possible factory SBk ride opens up before a production racer.

  • Frank

    @ H.L. – I get the nepotism comments for Alex, but just being MM’s brother doesn’t win GPs and he has performed. He is second in the championship and is having a much better season than his teammate which has surprised me. I thought Rinz would be the clear favorite for this season and he’s been inconsistent and at times made mistakes (call it unlucky or silly?) that have cost him. I was at CoTA also and it was too bad to see him crash so close to a solid finish but he was going for it. In his defense, I think he has more upside than a lot of the riders that you mentioned – Rinz, Redding, Aegerter and Rabat even… all riders I like and appreciate but Alex Marquez is a real talent. He also trains with his brother and Tito year round. Surround yourself with world champions and you probably pick some things up…