Alex De Angelis Injury Update – Still Critical, But Speaking

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Alex De Angelis remains in hospital in Japan after his horrific crash during practice at Motegi. He suffered multiple injuries in the accident, including fractured vertebrae, broken ribs and contusions on the lung. He also took a severe blow to the head, rendering him unconscious.

Though CT scans of his brain showed no initial damage, on Sunday, the Italian developed some intercranial bleeding, or bleeding in the brain. De Angelis was kept under sedation, to reduce the pain from his fractures, and to allow the doctors to stabilize his condition.

On Monday, Dorna issued an update on De Angelis’ condition. So far, the intercranial bleeding is stable, a positive sign that it is under control, for the moment at least.

The doctors were able to reduce his level of sedation, and De Angelis was able to speak to them, and tell them that he knew where he was and what day it was.

De Angelis is still being listed as in a critical condition, and is under constant monitoring in Dokkyo Hospital. The Italian is set to have more CT scans in the next couple of days to ensure the intercranial bleeding does not get worse.

The contusion on his lungs is also being watched closely, as lung injuries can develop into serious respiratory problems and and cause infections. It usually takes three to five days for pulmonary contusions to be resolved and start to show signs of improvement.

While De Angelis is still in Dokkyo Hospital, Dr. Michele Zasa of the Clinica Mobile is staying at the hospital with the Italian to help coordinate his treatment and monitor his situation. More news on De Angelis’ condition will follow whenever we get it.

Source: MotoGP