MotoGP: Further Updates on Alex De Angelis’ Condition

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The Ioda Racing team have posted another update on Alex De Angelis’ condition after his horrific crash at Motegi. Overall, it is good news, though there is still plenty of reason for caution.

De Angelis’ condition is stable, though he still faces several threats to his health. The good news is that the intercranial hematoma has not grown, meaning it will probably be naturally absorbed by the body in the coming days. Doctors continue to monitor that situation.

De Angelis remains immobilized due to the spinal injuries he suffered. The fractured vertebrae mean he is being forced to lie still while they start to heal.

Luckily, he has not suffered any damage to the spinal cord, and has full sensation everywhere. But even after De Angelis is able to move, he will have to wear a brace to immobilize and support his spinal column for several weeks.

The most worrying part of De Angelis’ condition is his lungs. He suffered a severe lung contusion in the crash, and until this clears, it remains a danger.

Though he is absorbing oxygen well, there are areas of the lung showing signs of Atelectasis, or collapsed lung. The doctors are monitoring that situation closely, and it will remain a serious concern for the next two or three days.

De Angelis was joined by his family yesterday, who flew out to Japan to support him. Dr. Michele Zasa of the Clinica Mobile remains with De Angelis, to assist him with medical matters.

Source: IODA Racing; Photo: Alex de Angelis

This article was originally published on MotoMatters, and is republished here on Asphalt & Rubber with permission by the author.