Trackside Tuesday: The Setting Sun

04/29/2014 @ 12:24 pm, by Tony Goldsmith4 COMMENTS


Sometimes one or two photographs can rescue what would otherwise be a wasted session. That was exactly the situation recently when shooting the Moto2 warm up in Qatar.

Unlike the rest of the weekend the Moto2 warm up started in daylight. After a bit of deliberation I left the Media Center with the intention of taking a shuttle to the inside of Turn 2 as the low evening sun would be behind me.

I arrived at the shuttle point to see one leaving and with no others around and time running out I abandoned that plan, and instead I walked to the inside of Turn 1. This was far from ideal as I was shooting into the sun and I had already shot there.

What I hadn’t counted on was how quickly the sun set in Qatar and within a few minutes the sky was turning a beautiful shade of red. I hurried around to the outside of Turn 2, which gave me a shooting position into the setting sun. With my 500mm lens mounted on the camera, I shot a couple of laps before swapping to my 70-200mm lens for a wider perspective.

What started out looking like a wasted session ended up providing some of my favorite images of the weekend that could not be recreated at any other race on the MotoGP calendar.


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Recently made redundant at his nine-to-five job, Tony is currently pursuing his lifelong dream of being a credentialed MotoGP photographer, and is now shooting the entire 2014 season. You can find his “Living the Dream” series that documents his GP journey, right here on Asphalt & Rubber.

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  • I’d be pretty proud of those photos too Tony. Nice work!

  • As a cinematographer in Africa – I love shooting into the sun / using the flares and highlights and deep shadows. . Please post any really tight close up shots of the bikes, as well . these images are really lovely & show the atmosphere beautifully – it must have been a great session riding in that light and not easy!

  • Lovely work. And, yes, it really is stunning how quickly sunsets transpire as you get close to the equator!