It’s not that new Suzuki MotoGP livery is bad, it’s just well…sort of what you’d expect from Suzuki’s factory racing team. When we first heard that Troy Lee Designs was going to give the old Rizla Blue the once over, we were excited to see what the talented company could come up with in the go fast/look good department.

Yet as we look at these pictures, we wonder what happened in the process. Powder blue? Check. Big Rizla Letters? Check. Nothing else that’s remote eye-catching? Check. We sure hope the Suzuki GSV-R performs better than it looks, but we’re not holding our breath. Check out the rest of the photos after the jump.

Supposedly, the 2010 Suzuki GSV-R has improved aerodynamics, chassis performance, and electronics, which Suzuki calls the “most advanced machine yet.” That sounds like a load of bull; but seeing as how this writer is so disappointed in this release, she doesn’t have the power to muster on writing about the biggest let-down of 2010. Good night sweet prince.

2010 Rizla Suzuki GSV-R Technical Specifications:

Engine Type: 4 stroke water cooled V4

Displacement: 800cc

Max Power: 222+ HP / 18,000rpm

Valve Control and Type: Pneumatic (air control), DOHC four-valve

Carburation Type: Fuel injection

Lubrication System: Wet sump (Motul Lubricants)

Clutch: Dry multi plates (back torque reduction type)

Transmission: Six speed low friction constant mesh

Final Drive: Chain

Frame Type: Twin spar aluminum alloy frame

Suspension: Front: Inverted type telescopic (Ohlins) / Rear: Link type (Ohlins)

Tyres: Bridgestone

Wheels: Front and rear: 429mm (16.5 inches)

Brake System: Front: Double carbon disc (Brembo) / Rear: Single steel disc (Brembo)

Overall Length: 2080mm

Overall Width: 660mm

Overall Height: 1150mm

Weight: 150+kg

Fuel Tank: 21L

Estimated top speed: 330+km/h

  • Um…yikes! This is not likely to join the YZF-M1 and GP10 on my office wall…Not at all.

  • Hayabrusa

    Yep, I’m as un-impressed as everyone else so far! Maybe they just paid Troy to use his name, and he really didn’t have anything to do with the bike. I hope that IS the case, otherwise what he ‘did’ is a big let-down.

  • Dave

    So they painted it blue and went down to the local sign shop to have some decals cut out. Wonder how much they charged Suzuki for that.

  • wow…. sorry troy lee designs, but this is a fail.

  • TLD is also designing some apparel for the Suzuki team, and presumably for fans as well. Maybe those will see an improvement?

  • Faster1

    It’s Rizla’s fault,,, crap powder blue with pale yellow. That combination is ugly on anything,, including stoner papers. Troy’s hands were tied,, don’t know why he signed up for this. Maybe if the wheels had a red or yellow stripe or anything else to tie it all together,, anything. For now, ugliest bike on the grid 4 years running. It seems too easy to check out any of 10 bikes in WSBK to get inspiration from. Poor umbrella girls, , they have to endure that uniform for another season…

  • patron

    You would think a company like RIZLA would be “cool with whatever you come up with, man”, to be said in a seated possition eyes half closed. And Suzuki should be clamoring for attention other than the normal, look how slow Suzuki is. That being said, I must admit i kinda like, the Rizla Suzuki look. I would have liked to see something more creative from TLD though.

  • wayne

    I’m with Mr. Lombardi: EPIC fail. If I hadn’t read the article in the first place, I would have thought Suzuki/Rizla just tweaked their existing ‘design’ for this year’s season. A person would never guess TLD had anything to do with this project. So much potential, so much fail.

  • Bjorn

    Credit to TLD, it does look less busy than last years livery.
    That’s as far as I’m willing to be nice. I think there must have been a mix up and they sent the pleasant, conservative design penned by the work experience kid, rather than the eye popping genius of Troy himself.

  • Rumple Stiltskin

    the bike is ugly full stop.