The Aprilia Factory Works program is easily the most ridiculously awesome thing to come out of the 2015 EICMA show because it offers regular consumers (with a healthy pocketbook) the chance to own a 230hp+ Aprilia RSV4 superbike, just like what they race in the World Superbike Championship…and very close to what they race in MotoGP

Aprilia was a little vague though on what the Factory Works program entailed, but thankfully today at the EICMA show they clarified what exactly would be available from Aprilia Racing.

Coming up with five trim-levels for the RSV4 superbike, Aprilia has basically answered every track day enthusiast’s / amateur racer’s wet dream, and distracted us from the fact that the Noale company has a woefully aging product lineup.

However, this news is certainly less about a motorcycles with ridiculous horsepower figures, and more about a proven racing division opening up its service to a broader range of clientele.

“The RSV4 racing versions we are presenting at EICMA are, first and foremost, a unique opportunity that Aprilia Racing is making available to those who want to own a real race bike,” said Romano Albesiano, Aprilia Racing Director.

“At the Aprilia Racing Division we worked to pack all the know-how behind the RSV4 into these exceptional bikes: know-how which has made the RSV4 one of the top winning bikes in the history of production-derived bikes. The SSTK Championship victory this year is an addition to 7 world titles we’ve won in the SBK.”

“Now all the experience we have acquired through these victories is available to whoever wants to race with our bike: both those who want to participate in championships and those who want to ride a real Aprilia Racing bike on the racetrack.”

“We’re making several levels of sophistication available. This is a racetrack optimised RSV4, from the SSTK version (in every way the bike that dominated the Superstock 1000 FIM Cup) all the way to the top, a full-fledged Superbike.”

There’s no word yet from Aprilia on what these different race-trim levels cost, though we imagine the price start high, and escalates quickly. The “Misano” trim level (pictured here) is said to basically be the Aprilia’s MotoGP race bike from the 2015 season, with different fairings of course.




The Aprilia Factory Works Trim Levels for the RSV4 are as follows:

Aprilia RSV4 R-FW Stock1 MM Race

  • An Aprilia RSV4 with Race Pack (Öhlins suspension and forged rims).
  • Standard electronic system with an extra light lithium battery.
  • ECU reprogrammed to Race version with race maps for engine and bike management, developed by Aprilia Racing.
  • Settings reprogrammed for race use.
  • Braking optimised and weight reduced, ABS removed
  • Engine weight reduced without the water thermostat, with a simplified water tubes kit and secondary air system closed.
  • Optional: Akrapovic exhaust kit, complete fairing kit, dedicated suspensions setting and complete engine optimization. 

Aprilia RSV4 R-FW Stock2 APX Race

  • An Aprilia RSV4 with Race Pack (Öhlins suspension and forged rims).
  • Simplified, lightweight, racing version electronic system with dedicated bike and engine wiring and a lithium battery.
  • APX2 logic unit developed by Aprilia Racing: ignition and engine control parameters may be programmed with the included hand terminal.
  • Data acquisition system allows logging of original sensors as well as optional sensors allowed by FIM Superstock 1000 rules.
  • Special Aprilia Racing instruments.
  • Special engine with Aprilia Racing preparation.
  • Optional: Akrapovic exhaust kit, complete fairing kit, dedicated suspensions setting.

Aprilia RSV4 R-FW SBK

  • An Aprilia RSV4 with Race Pack (Öhlins suspension and forged rims).
  • Simplified, lightweight, racing version electronic system with dedicated bike and engine wiring and a lithium battery.
  • APX2 logic unit developed by Aprilia Racing, complete with GPS module, ignition and engine control parameters may be programmed with the included hand terminal. The unit includes a data acquisition system with optional telemetry sensors kit.
  • Special Aprilia Racing instruments with racing buttons.
  • Electronic gearbox with assisted shifting (blipper).
  • Special Aprilia Racing tools.
  • Special engine with SBK preparation by Aprilia Racing.

Aprilia RSV4 R-FW W-SBK

  • Replica of the RSV4 Superbike used by the official Aprilia Racing Team in the SBK Wold Championship.
  • Both the bike and the level of assistance may be tailor made in accordance with the budget and ambitions of each rider and team.
  • It is the best that can be desired and allows one to have a star role in the Superbike world championship.

Aprilia RSV4 R-FW “MISANO”

  • The bike presented at EICMA is a demonstration of the level of preparation possible through the “Factory Works” program and is the entry level for the W-SBK line.
  • In true Aprilia Racing style each component has been optimised to offer the best in performance while maintaining elevated overall balance and reliability.
  • It is a bike that can do well at any competitive level, while remaining “within reach” of enthusiasts who desire an extraordinary bike to exercise their racing skills, knowing that nothing can come closer to the rush felt by SBK World Championship champions.
  • The colour scheme is a celebration of Aprilia’s first victory in a “road racing” competition and underscores the exclusivity of the model

Source: Aprilia

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  • Mitchel Durnell

    I kind of like that the RSV4 has stuck around as long as it has; means the design has merit and proper support, and getting parts is less of an issue the longer the bike stays out there. Tracking a euro superbike used to be a terrible idea (no faster than the Japanese bikes but 4x the cost) but is becoming less so.

  • I would buy an Aprilia RSV4 RR in a heartbeat if I need a track bike. Great machines, and yes it’s a testament that it’s probably one of the best superbikes on the market, at roughly 7 years old.

  • Darren B

    that is incredible. if i was suitably rich i’d take 2 misano’s, one to track and one to rig up to start as an elaborate alarm clock every morning. rsv4 engine note is like mozart to my ears.

  • Daniel Caruso

    wow thats an AWESOME bike… How much $150k ??

  • chris

    fine, i’ll say it. art house racer.

  • Josh
  • Bruce Almighty

    Jensen, If you ever travel to a Northeast track, you’re welcome to take my RF track bike for a few laps if you give me some advanced notice.

    If my bike wasn’t new and already set up, I’d definitely have considered the Stock1 or Stock2 machine. Aprilia shows Honda how to bring a V4 race bike to the public.

  • KYspeaks

    Great to see connections such as this on this space.

  • Chaz Michael Michaels

    …because so many of us have any business riding a 230hp motogp bike. This bike is for those who win at capitalism. It is awesome though, actually crazy, that the general public could have access to such a machine for use on the streets

  • BBQdog

    Great bike. I am still hoping for a 600cc V-twin spin-off.
    Frame like the Aprilia RS 250. 145kg dry.

  • kylejm

    I can haz track ride on ur RF too?

  • kylejm

    Nice to see the wind shield and upper section of the fairing positioned so that it will actually function at moving the wind properly, unlike other superbikes where the thing is on top of the master cylinder and handlebars for showroom chic. *cough* Panigale.

  • John C

    sweet jesus, thats one beautiful machine.

  • John DuPree

    None of these are street bikes. They come from the race department and the first line in the PDFs linked by Josh say “without registration documents.” These are track-day bikes and race bikes, pure and simple.

  • Chaz Michael Michaels

    I misread then. not many of us have any business on a 230hp track bike either.

  • grahluk

    You are not alone in that wet dream. I’ve had night wood over similar fantasies.

  • grahluk

    A factory prepped Aprilia superbike. Hot damn! I stand and salute you Aprilia for your audaciousness to open the doors of your race dept to our open wallets. I hope your phone rings off the hook from well heeled track addicts.

  • Fat Owens Fat

    “Aprilia shows Honda how to bring a V4 race bike to the public”
    LOL what? Get a quote on this “Misano” version and let’s see how many people can afford to buy them.

  • Fat Owens Fat

    Dear Jensen, a side by side comparison of the Aprilia GP bike and the Misano bike even with photos will tell you that there isn’t a single component being shared between the two bikes. Different frame, Different swingarm, different suspension and therefore I don’t see how you can say “The “Misano” trim level (pictured here) is
    said to basically be the Aprilia’s MotoGP race bike from the 2015
    season, with different fairings of course.”

    Clearly anyone buying that line is high on something.

  • Bruce Almighty

    Fat, note I said bring a V4 “race bike” to the public. I’m not sure how many race bikes you’ve seen, but they aren’t road legal by definition. They don’t have mirrors or licence plate holders, etc. Further, I wasn’t referring to price either. Of course the Misano will have a high price tag, but unlike Honda, it won’t be delivered with 105 HP, and no support from the Factory to unlock more.

  • Fat Owens Fat

    The 101 hp is for STREET USE, with the Kit you will get 215+hp. Why 101hp you ask? Then blame the US EPA regulations. The Japanese get the 70hp version because their EPA regs are even stricter than the US. The power isn’t limited mechanically, its an electronic limiter that cuts down the revs so the bike meets the pussyfooting US and Japan regulations for NOISE limits. The Europe could only manage a 165hp for the very same reason. The full limits can be had with the kit and that too will turn the bike into the GP spec RCV1000R of the 2014 season with identical specs plus you still get to keep the warranty as long as the kit only works on the track. You cannot have a GP spec machine completely homologated for road use because they are effing loud.

  • Bruce Almighty

    I”m familliar with the reasons. Good luck getting that kit imported to the US.

  • Bruce Almighty

    The RSV4 R-FRW W-SBK has a price of €79,500, so quite a bit less than the Honda.

  • Fat Owens Fat

    and its neither road legal nor does it carry GP spec components.

  • Fat Owens Fat

    or even a damn warranty

  • Fat Owens Fat

    err, a businessman who can afford to throw out $180 can throw in the other $20k+taxes aswell.

  • child advocate

    All I can say FOF is you have us all LOL’ing. Warranty?? Why don’t you write articles for the cycle magazines? I’m sure they’d snap them up and pay all your costs to visit the racing depts. of all the big boys.

  • child advocate

    Forget the wet dreams fellas, if you examine the spec sheets for these bikes, you would not like to see the replacement schedule for engine parts or the cost of those parts. If you have the APX2 version, you’s have to hire Amauri in Long Beach to manage it for you.

  • Careful, I might take you up on that offer. Cheers!

  • 04TL

    Not to mention the fact that Aprilia’s quote specifically states the Misano is an entry level WSBK machine. I feel like the divide between MotoGP and WSBK is lost on so many people. MotoGP is literally millions in cost of hardware and production. Which is why the RC213 was a steal. WSBK bikes today have set lap times on par with MotoGP bikes from 2005. There is a huge difference.

  • 04TL

    Considering this does not share any components with the RS-GP except allegedly for the motor it’s a joke to assume the RC213V-S having shared all it’s components would be any cheaper. This is a homologated machine that is built to WSBK standards. A farcry from something you would see racing on the MotoGP grid. Not to mention the fact that the RC213V was 0.3 seconds slower than the open class bike that costs 1.3million to lease.

  • Fat Owens Fat

    Forget that bit, people don’t even know why GP is called “Prototype” race series :P They expect it to be on the same level as the technology that has been put forward over the last few decades of GP racing without which there would have been no SBKs today

  • Fat Owens Fat

    I think the RC213V-S was the 2014 OPEN class bike(RCV1000R) that was 0.3 seconds slower than the Factory RC213V that Stoner was riding?

  • Fat Owens Fat

    You pay $150k you expect the bike to last atleast a year with stock components at the very least. Yeah warranty is important, nobody wants to pay that sort of money and then have to put more money to fix it up every time it broke down after a track day.

  • 04TL

    Exactly. Its the same as claiming a LaFerrari is as fast as their F1 version… There’s nothing production based in the MotoGP and F1 arena. So many compromises have to be made to make a vehicle road worthy. It’s crazy to see how many people attacked Honda for releasing their bike. Insane machine but was called overpriced and irony is everyone compares it to a desmo that had a GP motor but shared literally nothing else with the GP bike… Annoying.

  • You should tell that to Alvaro Bautista.

    I’ll let people make their own minds up on it though…

  • Fat Owens Fat

    The creases and overall shape of the frame, the swingarm, the forks, the brakes. Nothing matches. Perhaps the engines are different too.

  • TwoWheelLoo

    The W-SBK trim is at 79,500 euros plus tax. Waaaay less than I thought it’d be… I was thinking 250K plus. Ssssssowy Honda RC213V-S…

  • Steve Cole

    Those are for a team that wants 100% reliability and 100% power in every race. It’s not really an indication of how long the engine would last in the hands of an amateur racer or a track day rider, at all.

  • JD101

    Where are the blinkers ? :/

  • Steve Cole

    You cannot buy the race kit for the U.S. bike. Cannot. They sell it based on the VIN of the bike, and they do not offer it for sale for the U.S. versions. This is a common misunderstanding when people say “oh I’d just get the race kit” for the U.S. bike.

  • Steve Cole

    I plan to order a Stock1 MM to race in regional and national races here in Canada. They just started offering them to the U.S. market. Incidentally, there was just a double RSV4 win in Moto-America Superstock. Superstock is where you look to see what a bike you can actually buy can do.

  • Steve Cole

    Announced at $105K USD a couple of weeks ago. Not bad at all for what you get.

  • Fat Owens Fat

    You can buy it if you sign a bond declaring that your street legal bike won’t be street legal anymore and that you won’t blame the manufacturer if your kitted bike was spotted on the streets.
    A manufacturer can go to any lengths to please its customer. Triumph did that to its Indian customers who were cheated with a 79hp Street Triple while the brochure said it was rated at 105hp. It was detuned to meet fuel and emission limitations but customers didn’t know until a few months later. Triumph agreed to buy back the bike for whatever it was worth after depreciation or let customers get their bikes tuned to the stock 105hp with Arrow exhaust at no cost if they signed a legal paper acknowledging that the company will in no way take any responsibility for said tuning if it was to be seized by the cops. The warranty would be void after you sign it too.

  • TwoWheelLoo

    I’d grab one of these over the RC213V-S anyday, twice on sunday.

  • Steve Cole

    It’s a nice fantasy but Honda have not officially said anything of the sort from what I have seen.

  • Fat Owens Fat

    Well if you had the money to buy an RCV, you would get a deal. And its not a fantasy, its what actually happened to Triumph. Google it.
    And why would Honda officially tell you anything? Did you apply for a RCV online yet? No? Then you wouldn’t know if such a deal was offered to the owners or not. A lot of magazines have already said that anybody who had a 180k could spend another 20k more and get the kit officially or not by any means possible. There’s a reason the kit is sold as an option. Anybody can import one from Europe for the right price individually.

  • Ville Äyräs

    It’s a race bike.
    For track only.
    High state of tune.

    What’s all this whining about warranty and “street legal” ?

    If you want a street bike then buy the street legal version a lot cheaper and you’ll have your warranty.

    No race bike has warranty.
    Even if you buy a street bike and then turn it into a track bike the warranty will not cover anything if you tuned it and rode on the track.