Caption This Photo: The Prodigal Son

06/06/2013 @ 3:04 am, by Jensen Beeler25 COMMENTS


  1. Pug says:

    Should’ve used nickys bike the 69 will look the same upside down in the kitty litter

  2. bemer2six says:

    think he’ll do just fine. as for the caption think you’ve said it all Jensen…

  3. “Why so slower than my old Aprilia?”

  4. M.Richardson says:

    “Retirement has its perks.”

  5. Brian ZS says:

    ” I Think I try and go faster than Rossi on the Duc!”

  6. Dave says:

    ” I hope the Hayden’s have forgotten about wanting to kick my ass!”

  7. Silas says:

    “At least on this no one expects me to win”

  8. Silas says:

    “Actually, I prefer the Aprilia. Now where’s that Espargaro chap?”

  9. yooperbikemike says:

    “Hell frosts over”

  10. joni says:

    look Mom..i’m on motogp bike again..

  11. his face says exactly this:

    (looking at the engineers)
    well…. do you think i will be fast on this shit?

  12. patron says:

    rrrrrrrip……”mi scusi”

  13. smiler says:

    What was Rossi’s time during the GP in 2012 again…..

  14. Michael says:

    Not sure why Max is testing the current satellite bike. It would make more sense for him to test Pirro’s “lab” bike and evaluate the new parts rather than give us his opinion on the bike we already know is sub-par.

  15. Austin says:

    After Ducati was purchased by Audi, the Italian brand now has access to an incredible resource commonly associated with Audi—Tony Stark.

  16. buellracerx says:

    @yooperbikemike – +1 for sure

    “Stealing Ben’s woman for a joyride feels so wrong…but so right”

  17. FafPak says:

    How does she “elbow”?

  18. motobell says:


    – looks like he is still wearing his aprilia leathers or the exact same color minur aprilia logos
    – @Micahel is right why test Ben Spies bike versus lab bike – if ducati was after feedback they would want another rider pushing the lab bike. may be this is really a test to see if Max wants to do a wildcard

  19. Tonys says:

    “Did anyone check with Ben’s mom?”

  20. TRL says:

    Come sospettavo, non c’è abbastanza spazio per i miei coglione….

  21. Mr. X says:

    When you’re on the Ducati, championship points are like diamonds.

  22. schmzz says:

    “so you pay this Ben fellow how much to sit at home and whine?”

    “sounds like a good gig….”

  23. V says:

    “I’m too old for this shit”

  24. acecaferob says:

    Erm…Never waste a hard-on. Never trust a fart.

  25. TexsTim says:

    Ben must be a lot taller than me “I cant reach the ground”