Casey Stoner & Wife Adriana Welcome a Baby Girl

02/16/2012 @ 6:17 pm, by Victoria Reid16 COMMENTS

Casey Stoner and wife Adriana welcomed their first child today, a girl named Alessandra. With speculation about the announcement going on all day (on Valentino Rossi’s birthday no less), the news became official when HRC confirmed the new arrival to the Stoner family. “We are very happy to announce Alessandra Stoner was born on the 16/02/2012 at 21:55 weighing 2.8kg [6.17 lbs],” tweeted the team. “Mum & baby are both doing well!”

The reigning MotoGP World Champion, who recently posted the fastest time at the first pre-season test in Sepang, was with the new mom for the birth in Switzerland, as the family lives in Europe during the racing season. Stoner and the much of the rest of the MotoGP field return to Sepang for a second test starting February 28th. Asphalt & Rubber sends our best wishes to Casey & Adriana, and welcome Alessandra to the MotoGP family.

Source: Repsol Honda (Twitter); Photo: © 2011 Scott Jones Photography – All Rights Reserved


  1. Westward says:

    I dub thee Pebbles….

    Congrats to Stoner clan….

  2. dc4go says:

    On ROSSI b-day!! Opps! Maybe they’ll all celebrate together, congrats Casey and Adriana……

  3. froryde says:

    Not a Stoner fan, but congrads!

  4. Halfie 30 says:

    Congrats, and the Rossi irony just adds a touch of humor. Blessings to the Stoner family!

  5. Woody says:

    Now Adrianna has TWO babies to change diapers for, eh?

  6. beary says:


    Way to turn the best part of a guys life into a personal dig at him, a-hole.

  7. JHB says:

    congrats !

    future first female motogp champion … 100% for sure … child og casey stoner + born on the b-day valentino rossi :o)

    only thing that could top this … would be a baby of casey with valentino ;o)


  8. rattle says:

    @woody there’s always atleast one douchebag to ruin the comments section.
    congrats to casey &adriana!!

  9. rattle says:

    @woody there’s always atleast one do**hebag to ruin the comments section. can some1 delete that comment?
    congrats to casey &adriana!!

  10. Sloan says:

    lol @Woody. I thought it was funny. It was only a joke people. And who knows, just because somebody has kids doesn’t mean it’s the best part of their life. Different strokes…

  11. Smitch says:

    “Yessa, for me it is a very big honor for Casey’s baby to be born today. Theesa day has alwaysa been a very speciala day for me. Eye hope we can together have a big party some day, I theenk this will be good. Also it will be good to see Adriana again…”

  12. Smitch says:

    Wow, Rattle is easily rattled. He’s gonna hate what I just posted! Good on ya Woody…oh wait sorry, I gotta be twitter cool:

    @Woody well done sir!

  13. irksome says:

    @Woody: I was gonna say she gets to deal with two people crying and whining all day.

    Congrats to them both. And to the complainers here, he’s an Aussie. It’s not like he’s a real person!

  14. Sloan says:

    Nice Vale impression there @Smitch! lol

  15. Woody says:

    How dare I, the internet is serious business.

  16. adriana says:

    Agora só falta o rossi arranjar uma adriana para lhe dar sorte também!