A 2WD Hybrid-Electric Motorcycle for the US Military?

In the coming years, US special forces may be riding a tw0-wheel drive, hybrid-electric, multi-fuel motorcycle co-developed by BRD Motorcycles and Logos Technologies. Helping make this project possible is a Small Business Innovation Research grant from DARPA. The goal is to make a single-track vehicle for US expeditionary and special forces that will be nearly silent in operation, yet also capable of traveling long distances. Details on the proposed machine are light, of course, but it sounds like the 2WD dirt bike will be based off the BRD RedShift MX (shown above), and use an electric drivetrain, as well as a multi-fuel internal combustion engine to achieve its goals.

Colin Edwards Will Retire from Racing after 2014 Season

Announcing his decision during the pre-event press conference for the Red Bull Grand Prix of the Americas, Colin Edwards told the assembled press that 2014 would be the Texan’s last season racing a motorcycle. Citing a lack of improvement on his performance in pre-season testing and at the Qatar GP, Edwards decision perhaps answers the lingering question in the paddock of when the American rider would hang-up his spurs after an illustrious career in AMA, WSBK and MotoGP. Talking about his inability to come to terms with the Forward Yamaha, which Aleix Espargaro was able to take to the front of the pack in Qatar, Edwards was at a loss when it came to understanding the Open Class machine and his lack of results.

MSF Updates Its Basic RiderCourse Curriculum

It is no surprise that statistics from the NHTSA show that motorcycle accidents and injuries are on the rise. According to the 2012 Motor Vehicle Crash report published by the NHTSA, motorcycle fatalities for that year rose to 4,957, up seven percent from 2011, while injuries increased 15% to 93,000. While the NHTSA statistics are misleading because the motorcycle category includes mopeds, scooters, three-wheelers, pocket bikes, mini bikes, and off-road vehicles, new riders need every advantage they can afford. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation has taken notice of these statistics and has revised the curriculum for its Basic RiderCourse to include a new Basic eCourse, which students will take prior to in-person instruction.

Yamaha Trademarks “R1S” & “R1M” at USPTO – “YZF-R1M” Trademarked Abroad – But Why?

Are new Yamaha YZF-R1 models coming down the pipe? That’s the question being asked after trademark filings in the US and abroad tipped off Yamaha Motor’s intention to use “R1S”, “R1M”, and “YZF-R1M” for motorcycle, scooter, and three-wheeled purposes. The filings are being taken as hints towards a possible multiple trim levels of the Yamaha YZF-R1 superbike, with the “S” and “M” designations being different spec machines than the current base model. The “S” nomenclature is a popular one in the two and four-wheeled world, though “M” would certainly be a novel designation, outside of say…BMW.

Bell & COTA Create Texas-Themed Limited-Edition Helmet

Continuing its theme of making limited-edition helmets for premier-class US rounds, Bell Helmets has teamed up with the Circuit of the Americas and Chris Wood, of Airtrix, to create a Texas-themed Bell Star Carbon helmet, just in time for COTA’s MotoGP race next weekend. Available only until April 13th, the Bell/COTA helmet features a red, white, and blue flag motif on the front, with both the American and State of Texas flags visible, which then wrap around the rear to merge with a hardwood design, reminiscent of the floorboards in a Western saloon. The helmet is also crowned with a Longhorn cattle skull, which adds to the Texan motif. The specially designed helmet also features a horseshoe, the COTA logo, and the 2014 Red Bull MotoGP of The Americas logo.

Aprilia Mounting a Return to MotoGP in 2016

Towards the end of the 800cc era, MotoGP looked to be in dire condition. Grids were dwindling, factories were reducing their participation, and teams were in difficult financial straits indeed. By the end of 2011, there were just 17 full time entries, Suzuki was down to a single rider, and were about to pull out entirely for 2012. How different the situation looks today. In a recent interview with the official MotoGP.com website, Aprilia Corse’s new boss Romano Albesiano gave a brief outline of their plans. The Italian factory will continue to work with the IODA Racing team for 2014 to collect data on the electronics and tires, which they will use as input on an entirely new project being worked on for 2016.

This Is Pretty Much What the Monster 800 Will Look Like

With the advent of the Ducati Monster 1200, it was only a matter of time before Ducati’s middleweight liquid-cooled “Monster 800″ would be spotted, and unsurprisingly the machines have a great deal in common. The one big difference seems to be that the 821cc Monster gets a double-sided swingarm, which has become Ducati’s new way of differentiating between its big and medium displacement models of the same machine, see entry for Ducati 899 Panigale. With the spied Ducati Monster 800 looking ready for primetime, and a pre-fall launch isn’t out of the question. Giving us an excellent glimpse into what the Ducati Monster 800 would look like, Luca Bar has again used his Photoshop skills to render up images of the still unreleased “baby” Monster.

Photos of the Mugen Shinden Ni sans Fairings

Given the competitive nature of the electric racing realm, its rare to see the big high-power bikes without their fairings, as teams are reluctant to reveal their secret sauce. Debuting the Mugen Shinden San this past weekend in Tokyo though, Team Mugen did just that, giving us a glimpse into the inner workings of the team’s 2013 race bike, the Mugen Shinden Ni. You don’t have to be an electron-head to get excited by these photos, as any race bike with a carbon fiber frame and swingarm is pretty drool-worthy, though the Shinden Ni’s carbon fiber battery enclosure does hide a great deal of the electric superbike’s geek factor. While the sheer size of the battery bike is impressive, it was expected when the Shinden was first announced.

Mugen Shinden San (神電 参) Electric Superbike Revealed

Mugen’s third purpose-built electric superbike for the Isle of Man TT, the Mugen Shinden San, has been revealed in Japan. Campaigning two machines for this year’s TT Zero race, Mugen has John McGuiness and Bruce Anstey at the helm of its “Shinden San” bikes, as the duo looks for a one-two finish in this year’s race. With MotoCzysz not racing at the Isle of Man this year, Mugen is a hot favorite to take the top podium spots, as well as crack the 110 mph barrier for electrics on the historic Snaefell Mountain Course (Mugen is targeting a 115 mph lap). An evolution on the company’s previous designs, the Shinden San fits 134hp — 10hp more than last year, thanks to a new smaller three-phase brushless motor provided by Mission Motors — into its 529lbs bulk.

Trackside Tuesday: The Winning Personality of Jack Miller

Chatting with a couple of NASCAR fans recently, I was reminded that any competition is boring if you don’t care who wins. But if you do care, then even cars driving around in circles can be very compelling entertainment. Those NASCAR fans really cared about how their favorite drivers finished, and not only how they finished in the latest race, but what and how those drivers were doing off the track as well. Those fans had been captured by the personalities of those drivers. One of the things NASCAR does well is sell personalities. All major sports-related businesses do this to some extent, but some organizations do it better than others.

Regarding the Jorge Lorenzo’s Barcelona ‘Crib’ Video

12/12/2013 @ 3:34 pm, by Jensen Beeler48 COMMENTS

Regarding the Jorge Lorenzos Barcelona Crib Video jorge lorenzo motogp dirt shark 635x355

For those MotoGP who live a rich life on the internet, you probably already know what I am referring to in this story’s headline, but for those of you who prefer to live your lives in the real world, I will give a quick primer to this off-season MotoGP story. Late last week, Monster Energy’s “Dirt Shark” video series featured Jorge Lorenzo’s home in Barcelona, Spain on its website and Monster’s YouTube channel.

The “Dirt Shark” show is a bit more “MTV Cribs” than it is “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” in its approach. It only focuses on Monster’s sponsored athletes, and aims to glamorize their homes and lifestyles — along with an obligatory shot of their Monster-chocked refrigerator. However, the video on Lorenzo’s house appeared briefly on Monster Energy’s YouTube channel, as well as on DirtShark.com, before it was taken down.

It was removed because of harsh criticism in Spain for its showing, though it’s not clear if Lorenzo asked for it to be removed, or it Monster buckled to the public pressure — it’s probably a little bit of both, and frankly doesn’t really matter.

It didn’t take long though for low-quality web-rips of the video to circulate through social media sites though, and beyond Lorenzo’s stunning vistas, immensely large gym (where he says he works out three to four hours a day), the video is littered with young women tanning by Lorenzo’s pool, lounging in his hot tubs, and dancing in his miniature discotheque (so awkward).

The whole affair seemed quite forced, especially with the strategically placed eye candy that seems like it was shipped straight from Venice Beach, CA (we swear you can hear one of the girl’s clear Californian accent in the background). The video’s deletion has been a bit of mystery to internet viewers though; and as of this posting, Dirt Shark is still promoting the now dead video link on its webpage.

It would seem that whuile Monster Energy’s T&A laced video series, I mean really, has flown under the radar for several seasons now, when it comes featuring one of Spain’s ultimate athlete heroes, the backlash is harsh. Outlets in Spain criticized Lorenzo for his ostentatious house and living — keep in mind, the unemployment rate in Spain is over 25% right now, with the burden being heavily held by Lorenzo’s own age group and fan base.

However, the bulk of the ire for the video in the Spanish media though came about because of the gratuitous use of bikini-clad models, that acted like window-dressing for the former MotoGP World Champion. Standard fare for these kind of videos, for sure, but with the FIM and Dorna working hard to bring women into the ranks of motorcycle racing’s premier class, Spanish news agencies latched onto the video, which wasn’t supposed to show in the Spanish market, and cried afoul about it sending a contrary message from the top Yamaha rider.

Talking to AS, Lorenzo explained his regret for the way the video portrayed women, though offered no apologies for his lavish house, which the champion says he earned through his hard work.

“I regret the video of the girls. The rest of the house…I’ve won out of a humble family, 23 years struggling to achieve my goals, with many injuries, without stealing anything from anyone, all legal and not winning the lottery. Nobody gave it to me I have nothing left to spend to win races. I’ve had to work with the best drivers in the world, so it is difficult to understand that only in this country [Spain] I receive such criticism.”

Lorenzo went on to add that if he had seen the video before it was published, he would have changed some things — presumably how much clothing the women wore — but remained steadfast that he didn’t think the video as it was published was as scandalous as many had made it out to be, citing an abundance of similar videos in the US market.

Still, Lorenzo offered that the image portrayed of himself was not one grounded in reality. “Too bad that image of me is given because it is not real,” he concluded in his conversation with AS.

To his credit, Lorenzo is right — the video shows nothing that hasn’t been shown in a thousand similarly themed videos, and it certainly is no different to what someone would find walking around with an umbrella on any given Sunday at a MotoGP race, but that is also the point being driven here by the Spanish media.

As MotoGP struggles to find a new foothold with audiences and fans, there is a growing push to move the sport from a male-oriented hedonistic playground, where ass cheeks and breasts fall out of clothing left and right, and into a sport where women not only lineup on the grid next to the boys, but where female fans can be valued for their knowledge and passion for Grand Prix motorcycle racing, rather than how much skin they are showing.

The gaffe perhaps isn’t as obvious as the one experienced by Marc Marquez, where the now World Champion sported a shirt at the Japanese GP that was less-then-sensitive to the feelings of Asian fans, but it shows that a new understanding has to be made within the inner-circles of these athletes, which understands that regardless of whether riders think they are acting locally, their actions end up affecting globally, and are subject to as many standards are there are cultures worldwide — such is the nature of the internet.

Source: AS


  1. M says:

    Watching the vid, without ever expecting any such outrage, it did seem like Lorenzo really stretching his acting to satisfy a sponsor. It just doesn’t look like him. Then you consider the reality of it – as he says he worked for it all… It’s hard to see this as much more than tall-poppyism.

  2. M says:

    Didn’t look like him.. except for the awkward fashion choices. That’s proper Lorenzo.

  3. Jmaros says:

    Very tasteful and not at all tacky. Especially the lights in the rock.

  4. proudAmerican says:

    Too many uptight people in the world. I watched the video and knew the girls, neon Monster signs, and ‘fridge full of Monster drinks were plants. So what?

    I enjoyed the video for showing the very beautiful house of a young man who’s worked hard his entire (young) life, and spent some (a bunch?) of that hard-earned money on his dream house. The house is opulent, but well-designed.

    In America, some fly-by-night rapper will blow $100,000 on a weekend in Vegas for him and his posse, and then ponder why he’s broke two years later.

    Money spent wisely Jorge.

  5. pooch says:

    Nice place!

    These guys put their lives on the line every year many, many times, I don’t think anyone can begrudge them wanting to enjoy the rich rewards and payoff. Probably a lot of jealousy from within spain though. I think it’s a bit sad cause now JLo will feel like a bit of a tosser from the bad feedback when it’s something that his sponsor wanted/forced him to do… cue some charity publicity, next,

  6. Samsuke says:

    Wow that’s just unfortunate. I watched that video and loved every second of it. My wife thought it was hilarious how goofy his acting was, as it’s obvious outside of this particular video that he loves racing and the money is just a result. Personally I was inspired, but I guess if you don’t enjoy and respect racing and the athletes, you think differently.

  7. Iarwain (Spain) says:

    What an asshole.

  8. Iarwain (Spain) says:

    The real problem is that hundreds of people are committing suicide because they loose their homes, over 25% of the population (6.000.000) people are currently unemployed, you see entire families begging for money to buy food in the streets, taxes are going up, wages down, and the real problem, the biggest of all, is that there are simply no jobs, there has been a huge amount of labor destruction in the past 3 years and there is more people than jobs available. Young’s in their 20′s/30′s are getting unemployed right after they finish University , families struggling to feed their children, so is understandable that the ostentation that Lorenzo is showing off in the video, is not well received by a population who is starving to death.

  9. Jw says:

    I read the comments, then I watched the video and thought good for Jorge and wow what a nice home. Has anyone seen Casey Stoners new crib? Just as nice yet he gets no bad press for it. I have experienced people in my own life who hate the fact that I earned everything I have and didn’t take. Jorge said he earned it and did not harm anyone for it so why not be happy for him. The dude has a very risky job and is paid well.

    Iarwain (Spain person) so what about Spain’s problem, that’s got nothing to do with JL. Your rant should be focused on the corruption that caused your countries problems and not on a man who never had a silver spoon and came from humble beginnings. How dare you knock a man down who earned his living the honest way without harming another and who contributes to the tax system. If everyone earned their way and did not take, this world would be a better place.

    You do not belong here and your name calling ought to be redirected to your mirror.

  10. Mitch says:

    Iarwain confirms a lot of things that were told to me by three of my co-workers from Italy who came to California for work – that there are no jobs it large parts of Europe. The causes are complex, it’s not as simple as a few sentences can portray. For every Lorenzo that has been paid above board, there are 100 politicians and connected people that obtain their wealth through very old money means. Most of the very rich in Europe seem to be rich at the cost of others, as compared to America where many of the rich at least got there on smart thinking, good investments and hard work (though of course we have our own problems with ‘old money’, but we’re a younger country so it isn’t as entrenched yet.)

  11. L2C says:

    I saw it the second after Matt Roberts tweeted it last week. And I had the same reaction/response as I did when his ‘loser’ watch commercial was released last year: He needs to hire new PR.

    The video itself was nothing. Dorna does the same thing every weekend with every race. Grid girls, paddock girls — and then the top three finishers ‘spew’ champagne from their phalluses, er, champagne bottles all over the podium girls, each other, and the crowds. With gratuitous camera closeups of all of that. Not very different from Lorenzo’s “Cribs” video at all.

    Lorenzo is young, virile, talented and occasionally brilliant but he needs to understand how others see him. No one buys the notion that he’s a rock star party boy — despite his Rockstar energy drink helmets. And no one imagines that he spends some of his downtime at the top of a mountain being a manwhore with scores of naked ladies draped all over his man-castle. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

    We simply know that Lorenzo is just not that kind of guy. That he actually came out and said it was not the surprise admission of the century. The Monster video was just tasteless. They could have kept the girls and made it fun but it only managed to be tasteless — just like Monster energy drinks.

    I did get the impression that Lorenzo was amused at playing the role of a reluctant player. However, the producers and the director didn’t take it far enough. And that’s primarily due to the fact that the girls in the video were not useful in the slightest little bit, except as additional pieces of furniture. That’s what made the whole display tasteless.

    There was not much male fantasy in Monster’s production of Lorenzo’s male fantasy. Lorenzo was pimped out. The girls were pimped out. The corporation pimped them out. That’s what set the public about complaining. That combined with the tastelessness of the whole affair.

    They should have hired Blake Edwards to produce and direct, except he died a few years ago. We would have had a good laugh, Lorenzo would have saved face.

  12. L2C says:


    “I saw it the second after Matt Roberts tweeted it last week. And I had the same reaction/response as I did when Lorenzo’s ‘loser’ watch commercial was released last year: Lorenzo needs to hire new PR.”

  13. NIck B says:

    Iarwain (Spain) , it’s funny how the people in Brazils slums loved Senna and yet you spanish can’t get over Lorenzo earning what he has.
    Don’t blame Lorenzo for the lack of jobs blame your government.
    At least Lorenzo is nice enough to let those unemployed girls live at his house. If it was me I would have even more of them around.

  14. Conrice says:

    Haha – you can clearly hear that those girls are american. That’s pretty funny.

    Besides the douchey nature of the video (the Monster signs everywhere and the girls) – I don’t see anything wrong with it. I’m not well off financially. My wife and I are struggling with children. But I don’t get jealous. I’m happy for people that make a ton of money when they earn it legally. And JLo certainly has done that. Kids that want that sort of money should be looking up to Lorenzo and saying “Hey, that guy went out and achieved his goals and dreams. He put in a lot of hard work. He took risks.”

    I don’t know quite all of the economic policies in Spain, but I can almost guarantee that no one in Spain is unemployed or starving because of Jorge. In fact, I’m sure that JLo’s success has brought serious money into that economy when you think about it. They should thank him – not crucify him

  15. TexusTim says:

    cmon guys is there one of us here that wouldnt do this if the means and money were available ? these guys risk there lives racing the most powerfull machines man can make and it could end in tragedy in a heartbeat so I think celebrating your success is fine even if it means some will hate you for it..as for the chicks, anywere money is there will be babes willing to share it with you and why the heck not?

  16. RD350 says:

    No one is blaming Lorenzo for Spain’s ongoing recession. It is merely suggested that flaunting extreme wealth while so many are suffering shows a lack of sensitivity. As the British say, it’s “bad form”

  17. Shinigami says:

    Hmm, Europe running dry on jobs, currency buying power in decline, and an outraged population hating someone’s success.

    Ain’t socialism neat?

  18. Singletrack says:

    @Shinigami – right back atchya.

    “Hmm, Europe running dry on jobs, currency buying power in decline, and an outraged population hating someone’s success. ”

    Ain’t socialism neat?

  19. Singletrack says:

    @Shinigami – right back atchya.
    (something didn’t work right in my previous post. should’ve read like this)

    “Hmm, Europe (The US) running dry on jobs, currency buying power in decline, and an outraged population hating someone’s (Wall Street’s) success. ”

    Ain’t socialism (US Capitalism) neat?

  20. Singletrack says:

    And by the way @Shinigami, have you ever been to Europe? Probably not.

    Taking care of your own population’s health through state run programs isn’t socialism. It’s called the role of a good government, just like it’s its role to provide policing/security, good roads and safe drinking water.

    “Socialism is a political and economic theory of social organization that advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.”

  21. Frank says:

    I’m enjoying all of the discussion here. The internet sure is a tricky beast! A certain level of care is necessary with what you allow to become digital record of yourself nowadays. As soon as it’s up in the cyber-strata, it’s no longer yours.

    @L2C – Very thoughtful post. Thank you for bringing a different approach to the conversation. In the end it really does come down to how much of your own image (or in this case Lorenzo’s) you are in control of and what you want to represent. Jorge knew that wasn’t him, we race fans may have known it, but never take it for granted when there are millions of people in the global audience that do not know that is not the ‘real’ JL, and now, unfortunately, will refuse to believe anything else.

  22. Norm G. says:

    re: “cmon guys is there one of us here that wouldnt do this if the means and money were available ? these guys risk there lives racing the most powerfull machines man can make and it could end in tragedy in a heartbeat so I think celebrating your success is fine”

    whoa, texustim in a moment of clarity. carry on.

  23. Norm G. says:

    re: “In America, some fly-by-night rapper will blow $100,000 on a weekend in Vegas for him and his posse, and then ponder why he’s broke two years later.”

    Rappers, Basketballers, Baseballers. How many Footballers (soccer to Yanks) can be seen running around right there in Europe with SLR McLarens where all the body panels have been chromed or gold plated.

    Q: where’s the outrage been for these guys…?

    A: there isn’t any.

    guys like Alonso and Ronaldo have LOOONG made Jay look like a welfare case, but since they’re worshipped and placed on pedal even higher then Lorenzo, it’s okay.

  24. Norm G. says:

    re: “However, the bulk of the ire for the video in the Spanish media though came about because of the gratuitous use of bikini-clad models, that acted like window-dressing for the former MotoGP World Champion.”

    oh no, European men (particularly Spaniards) aren’t male chauvinists and womanizing in the least.

  25. MajorTom says:

    What struck me the most was how “cold” the house was. Yes it’s big and open and expensive, but to me it looks like a high end office building or an art museum. Nothing really looked lived in, except the entertainment room.

  26. CCRIDER says:

    Blame his agent ! He is a young kid. I had all that stuff when I was his age. ( In my dreams).
    Rossi would have done that and made that #%! look good !

  27. KSW says:


    Psst…. Take it from experience, you don’t need a pad that big to have all those things. Steam room, workout, pool, private rooftop, wine cave underground not inside (that’s just me), spa guest room, great kitchen… can be had for a quarter of the size and maintenance cost’s you now have. Sell your house to one of the Bridgepoint executives, go smaller and remember that unlike this Bridgepoint boys, your money stops coming by the truckload very shortly, save some for later. The NBA players and Public Company executives around me keep making that mistake.

  28. KSW says:

    Best to keep a low profile and let others flaunt it.

  29. meatspin says:

    i dont think a definitive answer will be given as to why the video was pulled. Probably a combination of things that were listed here.

    I liked it. JLo has an awesome pad.

  30. Pete says:

    When do we see Rossi’s “crib”?

  31. nerve says:

    Pedrosa uses an umbrella mechanic instead of an umbrella babe, every time
    Real class.

  32. TexusTim says:

    @ Pete, we may not want to see his pad there migh be youthfull gladiators running around in there underwear…just sayin.

  33. Jw says:

    This has been one of the best posts all year.

    I have never been a JL fan, but, I have respect for what he does and his race craft and how he competes so well against my favorite rider. I hope to hell he has something to show for it.

    I agree he has done way more for his countries economy in an honest way than many earning similar money but from enethical means.

    Monster clearly at work here… Not JL

    Funny how if this was V R he would be charmed the darling from his country

  34. Jw says:

    I’m guessing this pad and furnishings (w/o girls) cost him 3 years take home pay. When the racing is over he will for sure be able to live there the rest of his life and enjoy retirement well deserved.

  35. Norm G. says:

    re: “When do we see Rossi’s “crib”?”

    I think we have, haven’t we…? I remember reading/seeing a print article interview or something of Rossi that took place in his home. we at least saw parts of it. wasn’t so big, but remember it being “classy”. kinda Frank Lloyd Wright furnished by Ikea, but then everything in Europe (big or small) has this general design language.

  36. TexusTim says:

    @youaredumbplp….I just couldnt help it…dude give it a break no one really cares, this is what we do in the off season…cmon

  37. Jw says:

    @ dumb

    Hmm.. Your quite the enthusiast , just the kinda guy we need on this site

  38. Andre Thomas says:

    Nice diggs Lorenzo have, though if were me, I would take a much smaller place(don’t like big houses).

    Speaking of, here an excellent vid of Doohan’s place:

  39. TexusTim says:

    Classy pad,classy wife, bad ass man cave and a good dad…well deserved..good on ya mate !..thanx Andre !

  40. L2C says:

    Cool Doohan vid! Thanks!

  41. SBPilot says:

    It’s one thing to make money and spend it how you want, it’s another to show it off when your own people are starving. It doesn’t matter if the Spanish peoples situation wasn’t caused by JL, he should still know how to act.

    IMO, Jorge has all the right to do what he wants with his money, that is nobodys business. To pull a PR move like this while his people (his fans) are in the worst economic climate in the past god knows how many years, just isn’t smart. He should have told Monster “look, Spain is messed up, if I do this, it will make me look bad, and mak you look bad.”

    In short, driving your BMW is fine, until you spit at the homeless guy at the stop light and point at your 20″ rims.

  42. Norm G. says:

    re: ” the video is littered with young women tanning by Lorenzo’s pool, lounging in his hot tubs, and dancing in his miniature discotheque (so awkward).”

    i know right…? so awesome…!!!

  43. Ray says:

    OMG! Someone is enjoying life…quick, we must put an end to this immediately! The politically correct feminists won’t rest until they take the fun out of everything.

    It’s a GOOD message to send that if you work your ass off in life you can have toys and beautiful women. If you want to breed a generation of losers, keep sending the message that success is something to be ashamed of.

  44. crshnbrn says:

    @ TexusTim: “we may not want to see his pad (Rossi’s) there migh be youthfull gladiators running around in there underwear…just sayin”

    So the “WLF” on Rossi’s leathers which stands for “Viva La Figa”, Italian for “Long Live Pu$$y” is just a cover?

  45. sebastienfromparis says:

    I don’t like Lorenzo but…has he stolen his money???

    Answer is no. Rare skills and extraodinary successes deserve high money.

    He has been fooled by his sponsor…that’s the only mistake he has done.

    Cheers from Paris, France.

  46. Ziggy says:

    Hmm.. Didn’t Lorenzo add to the Spanish economy by building that house? I feel certain at least some of the materials and labor were Spanish sourced. Didn’t a few Spaniards at least have some form of job while building his house?

  47. Jw says:

    “It’s a GOOD message to send that if you work your ass off in life you can have toys and beautiful women. If you want to breed a generation of losers, keep sending the message that success is something to be ashamed of.”