More Photos of Suzuki’s MotoGP Aerodynamics

02/16/2017 @ 5:53 pm, by Jensen Beeler39 COMMENTS

The ECSTAR Suzuki squad rolled on the track day with its new aerodynamics package on full display, showing how the Japanese manufacturer was going to cope with the ban on winglets on its GSX-RR race bike.

Like the solutions we have seen thus far from other manufacturers, Suzuki is using vanes that are covered by an external fairing to channel the airflow and create downforce.

The solution is a clever adaptation to the MotoGP rulebook, and solutions like Suzuki’s should allow for teams to to tune their aerodynamics package during the season, without running a foul of the homologated fairing rule.

As my colleague David Emmett pointed out, the design should carryover to future street bikes, where we would expect the 2018 Ducati V4 superbike to be the first model to show such advances.

Ducati isn’t expected to debut its MotoGP aero solution until Qatar, as is Honda. Until then though, we will have to drool over these hi-res photos of Suzuki’s handiwork (after the jump).

Top Photo: © 2017 Steve English – All Rights Reserved; Other Photos: Suzuki Racing

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  • zipp4

    …said the internet commenter to the premier racing class engineers.

  • Neil Vukosa

    Un-necessarily ugly

  • Michael Lewis

    Form follows function. If it works then that is what is used.

  • Noname

    What a very sad bike…

  • Lane Pratt

    Was there as much consternation over the aesthetics of dustbin fairings when they arrived on the scene? Did they ruin the view of the engine? Better stay off my lawn with that newfangled nonsense.
    Current aesthetics are the result of development over time. Without change there is no progress. The innovations that work will stay around, and we’ll get used to the way they look. I’m sure twin-spar frames were apostasy in some circles when they were introduced.
    In a sport where qualifying position is down to tenths, or even hundreths, of a second there will always be a demand to find that last scintilla of improvement. By banning external winglets the IRTA and Dorna have driven manufacturers to spend more, not less, money on finding the next development.
    I like the new fairings, and the fact that each manufacturer has their own take on the concept will provide a little bit more visual differentiation between the bikes this season. Not particularly important, but a nice side-effect.

  • paulus
  • paulus

    With you on all counts, but the innovation will be short lived. Manufacturers will have their own take… until the end of the year and the winner is clearly defined. They there will be a grid full of replicas next season :(

  • Lane Pratt

    Likely true. Although KTM seems to be willing to buck the trend on chassis design.

  • paulus

    I think they have to… they have been promoting the benefits of tube steel chassis to the masses for the last 2 decades. I don’t think they can back down now :)

  • Lane Pratt

    As a side note, I recently saw a comparison of the top-down view of the GSX-RR compared to the 2017 GSX-R. These new aero fairings only look wide by comparison to the rest of the MotoGP grid. These bikes are all incredibly narrow compared to their street-going brethren, and none of these new fairings look as wide as a Hayabusa.

  • BBQdog

    Makes the bike look fat. Not my cup of tea. And disappointing the rules aren’t good enough to block any winglets. Hope this is not going to be a trend on street bikes.

  • BBQdog

    Like Ducati once did ;-)

  • motoschmoto

    I think the designs are pretty cool. First really different look on the bikes for a bit and each of the teams take on it looks at least unique enough to make them stand apart from each other. The M1 looks a bit better just in my opinion but I prefer this look to the previous wings and to things like the Ninja H2 on the street.

  • n/a

    Engineers often make mistakes.

  • Roy Bentz

    Ducati opened the Pandora’s box & now it cant be closed. Can’t believe ducati hasn’t tried something like this.

  • spamtasticus

    Internet commenters often speak about subjects they have passing anecdotal knowledge about as if they were deep dive lifelong experts.

  • spamtasticus

    Nothing looks better than winning….

  • Mak Kah Heng

    Like necessary evil, ugliness with functionality should be acceptable, even welcomed.

  • Mak Kah Heng

    True indeed !

  • MrDefo

    I can’t wait to see catfish faced bikes on the road.

  • n/a

    I couldn’t agree with you more.

  • Ayabe
  • Fidel Cash-Flow

    Looks awesome! More integrated and elegant than say the yamaha or aprilia, Like they actually tried. Not as cool as the winglets were though

  • Dustin Nisbet-Jones

    Like your comments!

  • Paulo Rosas

    Wow I have not see this! Finally some progress or “attempt” (We’ll see if it works :), in moto racing aerodynamics that is not simple “just put some winglets” and that is good form following function.
    About time to move on from the simple bullet shape, that is very noticeable on the aprilia and moto 2 and 3 bikes for example.

    ALSO, making GP bikes look more like “street” bikes, in which the manufacturers have been making “cool shapes for sales sake” but not so much for performance sake, makes me feel more in love with street bikes! I can relate more now and it makes SBK look more like that had it right all along.

    Lastly, this is brining racing bikes to a much higher and exciting tech level as in F1!
    Imagine if F1 cars looked sort of the same as they did 10-15 years ago!?

    Humble opinon :)

  • Pj

    OK, Seems clever & if it works hat’s off to ’em. As far as aesthetics given this is about racing/performance surely Form FOLLOWS Function. The best thing I’ve seen about moto styling this week is in the latest Esquire mag. There’s a ditty about the new BMW R something which looks like a Dnepr with a Ducati Bevel 750 Sport fairing tacked on. Anyways I do agree with the writer about the “when” of moto pulchritude peaking. Pj

  • Neil Vukosa

    So you predicting Suzuki takes one of the titles this year :P

  • Neil Vukosa

    I’d bet the Yamaha makes more downforce, and less eyes bleed ;)

  • spamtasticus

    Yup, an engineer with a pro racing license is illequiped to comment on this subject…

  • Mitchel Durnell

    I thought we still hadn’t seen Ducati’s final GP17 fairings? Or maybe I’m confused.

  • Mitchel Durnell

    “By banning external winglets the IRTA and Dorna have driven
    manufacturers to spend more, not less, money on finding the next
    You say this, but the banning of wings was to discourage their use, and their research via *incredibly* expensive wind tunnel testing time, thereby reducing costs. You can’t really argue that some other as yet announced unobtanium design is going to replace winglets until it actually does.

  • Lane Pratt

    Expensive windtunnel testing like this?:
    Or when Suzuki first returned to the MotoGP grid?:
    I think others who’ve made the comment that the genie is not going back in the bottle are correct. Aero will continue to be an expenditure in GP motorcycle racing.

  • Lane Pratt

    @mitcheldurnell:disqus that’s correct. The news and interviews I’ve read said they’re keeping it under wraps until the Qatar race.

  • Grendel Medlord

    Unfortunately your parents had the same attitude toward birth control.

  • Grendel Medlord

    I’d like to see that. Do you still have the link?

  • Lane Pratt

    MCN has the GSX-RR Gallery here:

    SportRider has the GSXR Gallery here:

    The photos were not the same scale originally, so that’s a best guess based on handlebar grip size, which is about the only part that’s the same size between the two bikes.

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  • Tyler Hammond

    as a 30 aircraft mechanic, i am disappointed that the external winglets were banned as that would be the most efficient design, but a wing is a wing when its in a airstream and I give kudos to the Engineers who worked around the winglet ban. Remember, a cessna 172 will create enough lift to rotate at barely 100mph, imagine what these babys will do at 200mph…no they are not trying to fly, but stay grounded.