MotoGP: Race Results from Motegi

10/26/2013 @ 11:27 pm, by Jensen Beeler14 COMMENTS


MotoGP Race Results from the Japanese GP at Motegi, Japan:

1Jorge LORENZOYamaha Factory RacingYamaha162.342’34.291
2Marc MARQUEZRepsol Honda TeamHonda162.1+3.188
3Dani PEDROSARepsol Honda TeamHonda162.1+4.592
4Alvaro BAUTISTAGO&FUN Honda GresiniHonda161.1+19.755
5Stefan BRADLLCR Honda MotoGPHonda160.9+22.810
6Valentino ROSSIYamaha Factory RacingYamaha160.8+24.637
7Cal CRUTCHLOWMonster Yamaha Tech 3Yamaha160.6+27.496
8Bradley SMITHMonster Yamaha Tech 3Yamaha160.4+30.969
9Nicky HAYDENDucati TeamDucati160.0+37.010
10Andrea DOVIZIOSODucati TeamDucati159.7+42.944
11Katsuyuki NAKASUGAYamaha YSP Racing TeamYamaha159.0+53.345
12Colin EDWARDSNGM Mobile Forward RacingFTR Kawasaki158.4+1’03.213
13Randy DE PUNIETPower Electronics AsparART158.2+1’06.840
14Andrea IANNONEEnergy T.I. Pramac RacingDucati158.1+1’08.218
15Yonny HERNANDEZIgnite Pramac RacingDucati157.5+1’18.240
16Hector BARBERAAvintia BlusensFTR157.5+1’19.108
17Hiroshi AOYAMAAvintia BlusensFTR157.3+1’21.174
18Danilo PETRUCCICame IodaRacing ProjectIoda-Suter156.8+1’30.546
19Michael LAVERTYPaul Bird MotorsportART153.7+2’23.358
20Claudio CORTINGM Mobile Forward RacingFTR Kawasaki154.41 Lap
21Damian CUDLINPaul Bird MotorsportPBM153.41 Lap
22Bryan STARINGGO&FUN Honda GresiniFTR Honda153.21 Lap
Not Classified
Aleix ESPARGAROPower Electronics AsparART158.312 Laps
Luca SCASSACardion AB MotoracingART144.323 Laps
Lukas PESEKCame IodaRacing ProjectIoda-Suter139.323 Laps

Source: MotoGP; Photo: Yamaha Racing

  • Josh

    Talk about a snoozer…… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • SBPilot

    I wonder if Repsol Honda will tell DP to help MM in Valencia, now that DP is out of the running for the title. DP should help him in anyway as a teammate.

    I’m impressed by Alvaro, he never complains about his bike, yet he has probably the most right to since he’s the only one on Showa suspension and Nissin brakes. Constantly beating Bradl on a full factory bike with the same components are the factory bikes.

  • SBPilot

    I’m also quite impressed with Lorenzo, this guy is totally focused, totally on top of his game.The way he rides is in full control, not a step out of line. It’s boring to watch, but at the same time quite memorizing.

    None the less, I’m still impressed with MM being able to come second. With no previous data, he can beat DP who won there last year and easily could have set the bike up the same. Where MM had only 45 min to do a dry set up. Plus the fact he crashed very very hard the same day as the race. Quite the kid.

  • Jw

    I have never liked JL much as a person, too many off putting antics, but I do respect him as a racer! I could see this track was not an easy weekend for many, yet Jorge had the determination both here and after he busted his CB a few months ago (that I figured would take him off his title defense). What I don’t get is his engine allocation is bad, he’s running a tired engine at this track, right? yet MM could not slip past on the long straight. JL ran a perfect race. I liked the thumbs up he gave MM BEFORE THE START. Even if he looses title he is a true champion!

    I do not get how the tired engine could overcome the mighty Honda power

    May the better man win!

  • Jw

    I need that DR. Z or X guy to chime in here with his brilliant knowledge, as I am just the student..

  • Joe

    I think the team order effective already at Motegi. Thats huge different between 13 and 9 pts if DP stuck in the middle. DP didn’t intend to pass even MM ran wide a few times, he can only push once MM hunt down JL, but it never happen, so…. DP, you beat Rossi and get the co-pilot job done, nice!

  • Westward

    All Marquez has to do is finish fourth or better and he’s the champion. It’s interesting to hear Lorenzo find the silver lining in all of this, by focusing on the idea that he has more victories during the season.

  • The MotoGP race sure didn’t offer the antics of Moto3 or Moto2. I really enjoyed watching MM93 attempt to get ahead of JL99, but I’m also happy to see Jorge win. The thumbs up before the race was great! MM might have annoyed JL in the beginning of the season, but I suspect there’s the possibility of that relationship warming up in the future.

  • David

    Sad watching an old guy like Rossi clinging to his past. But I really can’t blame him for trying to hang on. Seen it happen in sports many times.

    Starting to look like the Ducati wasn’t the whole problem.

    But Rossi is still a great Champion and person. I hate to see him go out like this.

  • Mike

    David says:
    “””Sad watching an old guy like Rossi clinging to his past.”””

    Not to worry about Rossi too much.

    He is doing something he loves.
    Good on him. Not to mention 4th in the world is nothing to sneeze at
    Most men go out doing something they hate. He continues in the sport he loves
    & has done more in it than anyone else has or will for who knows how long.

    This is what makes Rossi great! He is not just racing for $$$
    He is doing what he loves.

  • vman2957

    “Sad watching an old guy like Rossi clinging to his past.”

    Two years on a Duc hasnt done anyone any good. Ducati wasn’t the whole problem ? When has he been beaten by a duc this year ?

    Rossi is doing well considering all the competition and a confidence ruining two seasons.

    Anyone that thinks otherwise has never actually raced a bike. Or clings to trackdays like its actual racing.

  • Norm G.

    re: “Sad watching an old guy like Rossi clinging to his past. But I really can’t blame him for trying to hang on. Seen it happen in sports many times.”


    re: “Starting to look like the Ducati wasn’t the whole problem.”

    Netherlands, worse results ever. Germany, massive 4 car pile up. Spies, put paid to his career as I predicted.

    breaking news…!!! it’s the whole problem.

  • Jimbo

    Are you guys all kidding me? “sad to see rossi clinging on to his past”!!!!

    He’s the fourth best guy on the track! Sure he is too old to now beat the 3 Spanish Masters but he can cane everyone else as sunday showed. He came off track got into 12th then powered up the field and even got past moany “there a conspiracy at Yamaha” crutchlow.

    I assume the reason everyone is so negative about him is they are comparing him to his old GOAT self. Dont he is “past it”. Compare him to everone elso on the field. He is the fourth best in the world so he sure as hell deserves one of the four factory places!

    This sport is a niche sport. Rossi has done so much to make it more popular. Even if you hate him you must admit we need him to keep the sport popular to continue. MM will be able to take up that mantle at some point but the other good riders just dont have the personalities to attract fans.

    Great race for him and happy

  • Mr.X

    IDK, Marquez was roughed up. Aren’t they all pretty banged up by October?