Volkswagen Motorcycle Concept

02/01/2010 @ 1:24 pm, by Jensen Beeler19 COMMENTS

It’s been almost two months since Volkswagen bought a 20% stake in Suzuki Motor Corporation, but that hasn’t stopped German designer Nils Poschwatta from imagining what the peoples’ motorcycle would look like. Much fervor was made with the announcement of the two companies joining forces, with many motorcycle fans wishing thinking that VW branded motorcycles were on their way. Like this concept, that notion is a work of pure fantacy, as the two companies have made it clear the partial acquisition is to help both brands enter into emerging car markets more effectively. Still, it’s a nice drawing.

Source: Nils Poschwatta via MotorFreaks

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  • Steve McQueen

    Wow. I really like the looks of this bike and it looks like a screamer. I can’t wait to see this bike come out and what it’s impact will be in the market.

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  • Ecosse

    all those squiggly lines under the drawing tells us vw will not be releasing a motorcycle with suzuki.

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  • Doctor Jelly

    Is that an opposed twin mounted wrong in there? Tsk tsk…

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    Volkswagen's motorcycle concept

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