Honda Gives an Update on Marc Marquez – “Adequate Progress”

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The Repsol Honda Team have issued a press release on the condition of Marc Marquez.

According to the press release, Marquez is “progressing adequately” in his recovery from the bout of diplopia, or double vision, suffered as a result of a training crash at the end of October.

The press release states that doctors have decided to proceed with the “conservative treatment plan”, and that Marquez is doing physical training to prepare for the 2022 season.

The press release wording is carefully neutral. Reading between the lines, the news is neither good nor bad. Hope of a quick recovery has presumably been abandoned, but Marquez’ vision is slowly improving.

The “conservative treatment plan” the press release speaks of refers to following a treatment of physical therapy to try to fix the problem, and trying to avoid the need for surgery.

The fact that Marquez has resumed physical training is good, but that is all gym work, and will not include riding motorcycles, such as flat track or motocross.

The next update we might expect will be some time in the middle of January, when it will be clearer whether Marquez will be able to attend the Sepang MotoGP test or not.

That, of course, presumes the Sepang MotoGP test will go ahead as planned. Dorna currently have a protocol in place with the Malaysian government to keep the MotoGP paddock isolated in a bubble, in special hotels.

However, with the omicron variant spreading across the globe, Malaysia is introducing new restrictions on travel from some countries. As last winter, much is still up in the air.

The HRC press release appears below:

Marc Marquez progresses adequately with diplopia diagnosis

The Repsol Honda Team rider, who last October was diagnosed with an episode of diplopia after suffering a fall while training for the Portuguese GP, has continued periodic visits to his trusted ophthalmologist to assess the evolution of his vision over the past two months. During these reviews the progress made has been deemed favorable and as a result Marquez will continue with a conservative treatment plan for the next few weeks.

Marc Marquez will continue to undergo periodic reviews with Dr. Sánchez Dalmau during the coming weeks alongside the conservative treatment plan. The situation does not prevent the rider from Cervera from continuing his physical training plan to prepare himself physically for a new season.

Source: HRC; Photo: Repsol Honda