Thursday at Qatar with Scott Jones

03/20/2014 @ 9:12 pm, by Scott Jones6 COMMENTS
  • smiler

    Great as ever.
    Faces through visors seem to be the in photo idea.
    Can someone buy Lorenzo a pair of mens sunglasses!!

  • KSW

    Another year and more awesome photos from A&R. If you’ve not been reading the state of global racing then please enjoy a marathon session on A‡R and remember, freelance content providers like Scott need you to help pay for all the work the manufacturers and clients won’t. Visit GP Photos and add a print to your shop/office or man cave wall.

    Hey, I’ve been exposing and developing for eyes thru visors as how else can you see the “racer eye” of focus it takes to get that beast around the track faster than anyone else. In some eyes it’s fear, others, eyes wide open fun.

    Enjoy the 2014 MGP Season all.

  • L2C

    Always great, Scott! Love the first one of Valentino,

  • n/a

    Hmmm. Where are the pictures of Karel Abrahams Honda?

    I know he’s not the best rider, but the bike is beautiful, it deserves some pictures taken?

  • 2ndclass

    What’s that logo on top of the hump of Hayden’s leathers? Can’t quite make out the writing.

  • KSW


    Don’t sell yourself short.

    It says, Earls Racing Team as in Earl is Nicky’s dad.