Friday at Phillip Island with Scott Jones

10/18/2013 @ 8:45 am, by Scott Jones5 COMMENTS
  • MikeD

    First pic reminds of Laguna’s Corck Screw but backwards, lol.

    One good looking track, that’s for sure. Wish in my lifetime i could go there some day (The Island that is).

    And great pics as usual, Mr Scott.

  • Peter G


    where’s the ” Eye Shots ” :-) ?

    Get cracking .

  • Gutterslob

    Truly the most beautiful closed circuit in the world. Even the lighting seems better there.
    Much thanks for sharing, Scott

  • sbpilot

    I just watched Qualifying and I wonder why Jorge got holes drilled in his fairing but Rossi’s bike doesn’t. I wonder if Rossi/JB decided it’s not worth it or some other reason. But with Jorge setting that insane lap, plus Rossi saying the front can feel vague due to wind, you’d think Rossi’s bike would also have the holes in the fairings.

  • Neil

    The lighting is different there, it’s Australia! Can be harsh at times however and we don’t get that glorious twilight some northern brothers experience. You can’t have everything!

    I have raced at PI and it is stunning. My observations on a Honda RS125 was that turn one wasn’t scary at all, the loop goes on and on, great, but coming over that blind crest on your side gets the cheek butts working? Turns onto the straight are great too, two apexes where you just nail it. Straight a bit long for a 125! But best track in Australia. And unhappily we have very few now, they keep selling them for housing dev, bastard wallet liners! And our motorcycle federation is useless. Thew I’ll go and have a lie down.