World Superbike Round at Laguna Seca Confirmed

03/11/2014 @ 12:53 pm, by Jensen Beeler20 COMMENTS


Not that there was anything but a strong expectation for World Superbike racing to return to Laguna Seca in 2014, but the World Superbike Championship has issued a press release confirming the July race.

With American road racing fans having been through a lot, both at the national and international level, the past few years, the announcement helps ease the concerns of many race fans, who may have been on the fence about making plans for Coastal California weekend.

The announcement also reveals an interesting twist, with GEICO signed up as the presenting sponsor of the American WSBK round. For those following the money, GEICO recently dialed-back its involvement in the AMA Pro Road Racing series, which to this date, still only has five race weekends on its calendar (UPDATE: AMA Pro Racing has been added to the WSBK round).

Despite seeing the Mid-Ohio move its AMA round from its conflicting date, an announcement of a deal between Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca and DMG has not been forthwith. At this point, it looks doubtful that a sixth round will be added to the AMA calendar, and thus serve as the support class for World Superbikes.

With MotoGP only headed to two locations in the USA this year, Austin and Indianapolis, attendance at the Laguna Seca WSBK round is expected to much larger than last year’s ghost town. If not, professional motorcycle racing in the Western United States could be in trouble…i.e. non-existant outside of John Ulrich’s “Triple Crown” event.

Source: WorldSBK; Photo: © 2013 Jensen Beeler / Asphalt & Rubber – Creative Commons – Attribution 3.0

  • Bill

    It’s not the fans who won’t go, it’s the event that sucks. I get that promoters want to make money. Heck they need to make money. Making it super expensive to buy a water, not enough bathrooms, bad parking, crappy ingress and egress, and well did I mention high prices for simple stuff is not going to help. More people is more money, less people with higher prices works for one year, maybe two. Then you end up with less people and less money.

  • I’m glad to have the WSBK Video Pass so I can watch the race. Phillip Island was great.

  • Kalle

    I was there last year. There was way too little action going on. The day should be packed with non-stop action on the track. Throw in some AFM (or maybe AMA?) races between the WSBK ones and I’ll go again this year!

  • tony

    we’ll be there! and so should any bike fans w/in a 200 mi radius- if we can drive up from san diego, so can you. now who needs a ride? the volvo seats 7 afterall!

  • Norm G.

    re: “I get that promoters want to make money. Heck they need to make money.”

    full stop.

    re: “did I mention high prices for simple stuff is not going to help.”

    is this any different than going to the movies…? those concessions rake in millions yearly with nary a peep. so either A. you have a valuing mentality regarding your choice of entertainment…? or B. you’re looking for “free popcorn”. it’s black or white, there is no grey.

  • BBQdog

    That’s good news, love the Laguna Seca track !

  • zipidachimp

    had a great time last year except for the heat. Checked and found that September is hotter than july, so no excuses this year. View from the stands is not worth the extra cost, so will save that. Exiting the track is a Major pain.
    Bonus is nearby Monterey and Carmel. Gorgeous and friendly.
    Brought food/water didn’t buy anything except a T-shirt. Nice weekend.

  • smiler

    Shame MotoGP is not there as it is one of the few #D circuits left that are not completely flat and mostly dull. Must be great for the riders as well.
    Looking forward to seeing WSBK though.

  • Damo


    Have you ever been to a Laguna Seca event? The food and drink prices are probably the lowest of any motorsports park in North America.

    I was at the MotoGP event and water was $1.50 a bottle, craft brew pints were $5-$6 and breakfast or lunch was $5-$10. Go to COTA and you pay $9 for a crappy Heineken.

    I was shocked how little my wife and I spent over the weekend and we were there at gate open until the last race everyday. The local area is fantastic too.

  • I had a great time last year and I already have tickets for this year.

    I’m also surprised about people complaining about the prices… I agree with Damo, have you been to other tracks. I would much rather go to a race at Laguna over the mess that was CotA. I’ve had an easier time getting in and out of Laguna as well as better and more reasonably priced food and drinks than any other track I’ve been to in the US (Miller and CotA). The only thing that sucks about Laguna Seca is Hotel Prices, but there is very little that the track can do about it. It’s just too far from a major city.

  • Dave Minella

    We’ve gone to WSBK events at Miller, which featured two SBK races, one Supersport race, two AMA superbike races and one Daytona sportbike race. Last year, WSBK came to Laguna without a Supersport race, but they had AMA support. So, correct me if I’m wrong, but are we looking at only two Superbike races this year and absolutely no support classes? If so, even though I do LOVE Laguna, I can’t justify spending the money to fly out to the west coast for that.

  • Yes Dave. Never say never on an AMA deal. I’ve heard rumors of AFM running as a support class, not sure how serious that was though. If John Ulrich was REALLY on the ball, his “Triple Crown” would include Laguna Seca.

  • tony

    hey jensen, firstly, it’s chris ulrich not john. i’ve met him a few times at acs fontana, and he’s a real cool guy and faster than hell. secondly, what have you done for american motorcycling lately? or ever? now f+*k off back to your typwriter…

  • Ha, actually Tony I was suggesting it would be cool if the Ulrich “Triple Crown” included Laguna Seca as a fourth round, to help fill this hole. But whatever…

    As for what I, personally, have done for American motorcycling, I think creating its biggest motorcycle blog is a pretty good start.

  • “Ha, actually Tony I was suggesting it would be cool if the Ulrich “Triple Crown” included Laguna Seca as a fourth round, to help fill this hole.”

    And that most assuredly is the Ulrich of the John variety.

    “now f+*k off back to your typwriter…”

    Wow. Ego much?

  • zipidachimp

    $50.00/night in Salinas, and it’s only 15 minutes from the track, 30 minutes from Monterey, 60 minutes to San Jose airport.

    No support races? may need a rethink!

  • tony

    jensen, apologies on my part and swords away. i didn’t realize john was chris’ dad, and surely had a big hand in the triple crown idea- and a forth round would be good, and a fifth…and a+r is a great read, on my daily to do list…

    but as far as you go trane , and ego, we all have it. mr beeler can obviously take care of himself.

    like the song says, 2 wheels good…bad karma hopefully sidestepped…

  • I’ve already forgotten it. 76F and sunny here in SF. Get out and ride.

  • L2C

    “I think creating its biggest motorcycle blog is a pretty good start.”

    Here’s hoping you don’t run out of fuel on the back stretch. ;-)

  • L2C