Erik Buell’s latest venture has taken another step forward, and gained a new name in the process.

What was once called the VanguardSpark motorcycle venture (a name mashing from Vanguard Motorcycles and SPARK Racing partnership) now goes by the name “Fuell” – a nod to the company’s other founding partner, Erik Buell.

The EV mobility company is still on path to create two machines on its first outing, a small-displacement equivalent electric motorcycle that is called “Flow” as well as a pedal-assist / moped bicycle named “Fluid”.

Erik Buell, we have missed thee. It has been almost a year since we last reported on the demise of Erik Buell Racing, but it has been over two years since we talked about the man himself.

What has Buell been up to? Well, from the look of things, making a pivot into the electric motorcycle arena, it seems. Teaming up with New York City boutique bike brand, Vanguard Motorcycles, as well as Formula E car supplier, SPARK Racing Technologies, Buell is part of the new VanguardSpark venture.

For its debut, VanguardSpark has two machines on offer. The first is an electric motorcycle (above), called the VanguardSpark Commuter.