motorcycle insurance


The National Insurance Crime Bureau has released statistics on motorcycle thefts for 2016, and the results show a slight increase in the number of motorcycles that were reported stolen last year. Accordingly, the NICB says that 46,467 motorcycles were reported stolen last year, up from the 45,555 motorcycles that were reported stolen in 2015 – an increase of 2%. This figure of course does not include motorcycles that were stolen, but not reported to police or insurance companies. While there was an increase in motorcycle thefts last year, 2016’s figure is still well below the figure set just a decade ago in 2006, which saw 66,774 motorcycles reported as stolen – a 30% decrease.

We spend days wading through different marketing and advertising pieces by various groups in the motorcycle industry, which really only makes us believe firmly that either a) advertising companies have no idea how to connect with motorcyclists, and 2) motorcycle industry companies have no idea how to connect with their customers. Leaving the data aside to prove this theory, we came across this gem from Allstate Insurance, called “Ghost Bikes” that’s been playing on major television channels lately here in the US. We don’t have the info on who/what agency worked on this for Allstate, or if it was done all in-house. If you’re in the know, tell us in the comments so someone can get some credit for it.