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If you haven’t heard of “On Two Wheels” then you have been missing out on one of YouTube’s best motorcycle shows. The hosts Ari Henning and Zack Courts are some of the best riders in the business, and the show takes an informative and fun approach to talking two wheels.

Graduating to the big leagues now, Ari and Zack are headed to the Motor Trend Group (self-described as the largest automotive media company in the world), with a new show that will be featured on the Motor Trend On Demand streaming service, as well the Motor Trend Network TV channel that will debut in the fall.

The new show, which is using the working title of “Uncaged” (a nod to Motor Trend’s car-heavy content) is expected to continue the “On Two Wheels” formula, with Ari and Zack doing their usual moto-adventures and reviews – Spenser Robert also continues the adventure, in his role as showrunner.

You would have to be living in a hole not to have heard about the video footage of a Range Rover plowing through a group of motorcyclists, and the chase through New York that ensued afterwards.

I say this not because the video has been the highest trafficked article on Asphalt & Rubber this week so far, though it is; nor do I say this because the video has been posted to virtually every motorcycle forum and blog on the internet, though it has; but instead because the video has elevated itself out of our obscure sport and into the national, if not international, public consciousness.

It is rare that motorcycling finds its way into mass media, and unfortunately it is rarely a good thing when it does so. Motorcycling by and large has an image problem in the United States. Few motorists commute via motorcycle, which means our industry is filled with people who come to motorcycles from either a hobby, sport, or lifestyle perspective, and because of this motorcycles remain on the fringe of mainstream society.

For some, that is the allure. Motorcycling is “something different’ which in turns allows a motorcyclist to express their individuality in an obvious manner. To illustrate this point, I am fairly certain that the vast majority of flame threads that start on forums and blogs can be boiled down to the premise that because your enjoyment of motorcycles is different from my enjoyment of motorcycles, it therefore must be wrong.