With its second quarter sales dropping 35%, Harley-Davidson is going to be trimming its ranks in order to stay afloat. The Milwaukee based company will inject 700 hourly-wage workers, and 300 salaried workers into the ranks of the unemployed, with possibly more joining them in the future. These reductions come after Harley-Davidson earlier this year announced it was eliminating 1,400-1,500 hourly production positions in 2009-2010 along with 300 salary positions.

American Suzuki Motor Corporation laid off more than 15 % of its staff at its Brea, California headquarters and regional offices this past Wednesday, according to Automotive News. Suzuki’s the staff in the United States will now number 475, down from the original 570 workers. In addition to the lay-offs, Suzuki also reduced its regional offices from four to three and consolidated some functions. Once separate positions, employees in service, parts, and sales are finding themselves having to handle the tasks of all three areas. Source: PowerSports Business