Several sources have now confirmed that Erik Buell Racing is considering making a 250cc learner-style motorcycle to compliment its EBR 1190RS race/sport bike. Presumably filling the niche left behind by the crushed Buell Blast, the 250cc bike would be geared towards new and first-time riders, and would likely be MSF RiderCourse friendly. With bikes like the Kawaaski Ninja 250R / EX250 topping the sales charts as the best selling sport bike in the US, the folks at Erik Buell Racing are surely eyeing the market potential of a smaller, lightweight sport bike for the company’s growing product line.

Just a friendly reminder that tomorrow, Monday, June 21st, is National Ride to Work Day. This is a day when all motorcyclists should ride their motorcycles into work to help promote motorcycle awareness and the benefits motorcycles have for personal commuting. This year is the 19th annual Ride to Work day, which is celebrated around the world, and even recognized by Congress.

The weather is a sunny 80°F here in the Bay Area, what excuse do you have not to ride? If you want to learn more about Ride to Work Day, visit ridetowork.org for more information.