The largest brick-and-mortar motorcycle retail chain, and the most influential online retailer in our industry have just come together under one roof. Intonations of this deal have been in the news space for almost a week now. There has been a lot speculation about RevZilla and Cycle Gear coming together. Whether you want to get into the semantics of the deal being an acquisition, a merger, a strategic partnership, or something else, it doesn’t really matter – the effects will be the same regardless of the label. The retail game is a competitive one, and it is constantly changing. If you do not keep ahead of the lightning-fast trends that come with selling goods to consumers, you are doomed to fall into irrelevancy. I am here to talk to you about business, millennials, and future of consumerism.

You have to love labor unions sometimes. Faced with the prospect of being completely out of work, the labor union negotiators have rejected a proposal from Paolo Berlusconi that would save Moto Morini from going completely out of business. Of course us Americans can relate to this plight, as we just recently watched the UAW try to pull the same tactic while the US automotive industry crumbled around them. The blocked agreement is obviously bad news for Moto Morini, but Berlesconi is likely not done pursuing the troubled Italian manufacturer.