BRD RedShit SM prototype


During our chance to ride the BRD RedShift SM prototype, Wes Rowe was on-hand to document the event with photos and video. Sidelined by legal technicalities at Infineon Raceway (damn lawyers), Wes still managed to grab enough footage from outside the fenced-in perimeter of the karting track, and made this short promo video of the BRD RedShift SM. A day choked full of journalists, investors, racers, and extremely curious petrol heads, my time on the RedShift was short, but very intriguing.

Considering that BRD hopes to be delivering bikes to customers this time next year, the RedShift SM is already a very polished machine. Still true to its prototype name though, we had some technical issues during the test, but because electrics are powered by software, not mechanics, the team was able to clear the blue screen of death, and smooth out the lurching issue we encountered. What would have taken weeks in re-tooling and machining, was accomplished essentially overnight. Is the power of the electric drivetrain sinking in yet people?

Pay no attention to the no-talent internet hack at the 1:20 mark. No one really likes him.

What has been intriguing about BRD Motorcycles to-date isn’t the fact that the company is the newest entrant into the electric motorcycle scene, but instead the fact that BRD isn’t defining itself against the Brammos and Zeros of this budding industry segment. Taking ICE bikes head-on in the supermoto and off-road categories, the BRD RedShift doesn’t want to be the best electric for the job, it wants to be the best motorcycle of any kind for your needs. And in this regard, we are very excited to see the progress that BRD has already made with the RedShift thus far.