FZ8 Forensics Ponder What the FZ6 Killer Looks Like

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After Yamaha released only a limited view of the FZ8, there has been much speculation about what the new fazzer will have in store for would-be riders. As such in the past week, there have been a couple attempts to decipher what the Yamaha FZ8 could look like by using the all-glorious tool that is Adobe Photoshop.

The best renders we’ve seen thus far come from German magzine Motorrad and the French folks at Moto Revue. While the French seem to take the concept, and make it a little over the top with a purple frame, however the Germans remain demurr with their black & white color scheme.

Both photochops take the headlight photo supplied by Yamaha, and attempt to graph it onto the body of different motorcycles, thank you Dr. Frankenstein. Moto Revue seems to drive inspiration from the FZ6, while Motorrad looks to the bigger FZ1 for inspiration.

There’s still relatively little information about the FZ8, but as we get closer to 2010 and it’s like spring arrival, we expect to see more information leaked out to the press. Stay tuned.

Source: Motorrad & Moto Revue