World Superbike in New Zealand 2012?

03/05/2010 @ 6:19 am, by Jensen Beeler12 COMMENTS

Just days after WSBK wrapped up its season opener at Phillip Island, Australia, rumors are about that the Flammini Brothers are eyeing the Hampton Down circuit in New Zealand as a possible destination for the World Superbike Championship in 2012. Hampton Downs will reportedly have to increase its track length in order to qualify for FIM homologation, which should make the road course 2.4 miles long.

This rumor sounds plausible considering the number of motorcyclists found down under, and the difficulty Kiwi riders have making it to WSBK’s stop at PI. Hampton Down is located within 40 miles of Auckland, the country’s largest city, which means that 30% of the country’s population would be able to visit the track in under an hour’s drive.

Source: Two Wheels Blog

  • Dan

    And what a vacation this would make!

  • Ed Gray

    The satelite photo of this place shows it to be under construction. Some of these photos can be a few years old but clearly his is a very new track. Go NZ!

  • nice to see N¸ mentioned and WSB would be great! – but a couple of errors. Auckland isn’t our capital, Wellington is. It is the largest city though. and WHY is there a kangaroo in the accompanying image? they are AUSTRALIAN.
    Hampton Down is a great track – it would be great to see some readers down here !


  • Crap. Thanks Ken.

  • oh, and you have KIKI in the text – did you mean kiwi?
    love the site by the way – i’m here every day.


  • You’re ok with the sheep though, right? ;)

  • yeah – we like sheep. not physically like the australians do though : )

  • Bodge

    So excited about this News! We have been hearing rumours since well before the track was built – it was always the plan of the backers of Hampton to lure WSBK [and others] to NZ with a world class circuit. Now you guys are hearing about it – just makes it that much more real.

    It has been open since late last year – but just the first part of the circuit – there are two more sections still under construction. It is an awesome track though with some good elevation changes and great corners.

    Check out some of the track day footage:

    And get rid of the Kangaroo please!!!

    Chuck in a Kiwi –

  • Sean

    Come on Ken, the fact that sheep seriously outnumber people in NZ isuggestss that you guys LOVE sheep ; )

    If they can get WSBK up and going in NZ, MotoGP might not be far behind.

  • Paul

    The Final WSBK race used to be raced in NZ years ago at Manfield race track near Wanganui, I remember going to watch Fred Merkell win one, so that must have been about 20 years ago!?
    It would be good to see them back in NZ again

  • Barry Glading

    What would be brilliant is WSBK at PI and Hampton Downs on consecutive weekends, followed by the (previously Pukekohe) vintage meeting the weekend after! That would be a three week trip to savour.

  • Barry Glading

    PS doesn’t Fref Merkel live in NZ still?