Volkswagen Motorcycle Could be NSU Comeback?

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This rumor just doesn’t want to die (maybe there’s some truth in it then?), but talk continues about a possible Volkswagen motorcycle. This time the speculation centers around NSU an old german brand that VW bought back in the 1960’s. Known for its wankel-style rotary motors, NSU was the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer in 1955, but sadly went out of business in 1969 when the failing brand (primarily due to its automobile division) was acquired by Volkswagen, never to be seen again or so it would seem.

To us however, this rumor still sounds more like fantasy than plausibility. While there is undoubtedly some interest in a VW motorcycle (although no one seems to be asking if there’s room for another motorcycle company in the industry), and VW’s partnership with Suzuki on small cars for developing nations does lend some weight to the idea that the two manufacturers could conspire further, the idea that Volkswagen would resurrect a brand with little current value with modern day consumers when making a new entry into a new industry is a little baffling.

As such, we’ll file this under idle speculation until we see something more concrete (like trademark registrations). Stay tuned Bavarian fans.

Source: Automobile Magazine via AutoBlog; Photo: Special Shout out to BikeEXIF