Volkswagen Motorcycle Could be NSU Comeback?

04/15/2010 @ 3:10 pm, by Jensen Beeler9 COMMENTS

This rumor just doesn’t want to die (maybe there’s some truth in it then?), but talk continues about a possible Volkswagen motorcycle. This time the speculation centers around NSU an old german brand that VW bought back in the 1960’s. Known for its wankel-style rotary motors, NSU was the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer in 1955, but sadly went out of business in 1969 when the failing brand (primarily due to its automobile division) was acquired by Volkswagen, never to be seen again or so it would seem.

To us however, this rumor still sounds more like fantasy than plausibility. While there is undoubtedly some interest in a VW motorcycle (although no one seems to be asking if there’s room for another motorcycle company in the industry), and VW’s partnership with Suzuki on small cars for developing nations does lend some weight to the idea that the two manufacturers could conspire further, the idea that Volkswagen would resurrect a brand with little current value with modern day consumers when making a new entry into a new industry is a little baffling.

As such, we’ll file this under idle speculation until we see something more concrete (like trademark registrations). Stay tuned Bavarian fans.

Source: Automobile Magazine via AutoBlog; Photo: Special Shout out to BikeEXIF

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  • Ken

    I hope it is true. An ultra small displacement rotary engine with forced induction would be very frugal in regards to fuel yet provide eye opening performance. The forced induction would be for the lower rpm range for torque primarily; you wouldn’t need much boost for a motorcycle. Intriguing, and competition is always good.

  • Rob

    ^^ Ken, if you knew rotaries, you’d know they are a VERY thirsty breed in terms of fuel consumption. Forced induction will only matters worse. The Wankel is a very cool idea indeed, but I can’t seem to make sense of it on a street bike. Now on a race bike where we could rev it to the moon and no need a bunch of bottom end ooompff…hmmmm it starts to make more sense, especially not needing many rotating parts such as cams etc.

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  • The bike on top was build from Franz Langer, a little contest between his old 1000 cm³ single and “werners satte literschüssel” author Brösel (comic). I think, at the moment there’s no chance for an vw bike. It would be great, my golf, my vw bike…but there are others problems first, and than invest money in a motorcycle project ;-)

    regards from germany

  • Matthew

    If VW do come out with a bike it won’t be a rotary.

    The point of this exercise if it goes off at all will be going against BMW, so they will probably want something to kill the s1000rr or K/R1300s and GSs.

    I’m betting something based on an existing Suzuki bike (I4s based on the Bandit and Hayabusa, because Suzuki would never put something against their bestselling bikes, then GSX-Rs).

    Now a touring or hyper bike with a small VW 4-banger would be interesting.

  • @maatmann

    Although retired, Ferdinand Piëch is more or less still in charge of Volkswagen Group. He is the man behind acquiring Lamborghini for Audi, establishing Bugatti and purchasing British Rolls-Royce and Bentley.

    He is the architect behind the epic Porsche takeover. All objectives he wrote down 15 yrs ago. There’s only one thing on his “I want”-list: a motorbike company. MV Augusta is still a target. But don’t be surprised VW starts working on the revival of NSU.


    NB: “Stay tuned Bavarian fans” BMW is Bavaria (south). VW is located in the northern part of Germany.

  • Jackie

    I just wish they’d do it, and sell there old Volkswagen GX3 three-wheeler…might not have two wheels, but I’d love to give it a go.