Suzuki GSX-R600 & GSX-R750 to Get Power Increases, Cosmetic Changes in 2010

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For this Tuesday morning we have a vague rumor on what the Suzuki GSX-R600 & GSX-R750 will look like for 2010. Both bikes should see a modest power increase, with the GSX-R600 going from 125hp to 128hp, and the GSX-R750 going from 150hp to 154hp. The bikes will also see cosmetic changes and new features, as Suzuki once again sticks to its 2-year revision cycle.

2010 should see both the GSX-R600 & GSX-R750 get a diet, as Suzuki aims to trim the fat off the already very lean motorcycles. The tail section will be slimmer than the current model, but will keep the integrated turn signals.

Dual-exhaust pipes are expected for the GSX-R600 & GSX-R750, to keep in line with the GSX-R1000 styling, which will mean any weight savings made will likely be offset by the added weight of the additional exhaust can.

Still, early speculation puts the GSX-R600 & GSX-R750 at 353lbs dry, which sounds far to optimistic for our stomachs (current dry weight is 364lbs), so take that optimism with its appropriate grain of salt. A more conservative estimate will like see the GSX-R600 & GSX-R750 maintain there current dry weights, despite the added hardware.

2010 will also see the inclusion of two fuel injectors per cylinder, a three-way selectable fuel map system (street, sport, rain), and a healthy dose of titanium pieces in the motor and chassis. If all (or even part) of these rumors are true, Suzuki will have once again raised the bar on the middleweight sportbike market.

Source: OmniMoto