With all the hype that surrounds the electric motorcycle industry, it is easy to forget the company that basically paved the way for the current batch electric motorcycle OEMs. Depending on how closely you follow the space, Vectrix may or may not be a name that is familiar to you, but it should be. By our last count, the American-based, now Chinese-owned (it went bankrupt in 2009), EV company had put more electric two-wheelers on the road in the USA than Brammo and Zero Motorcycles…combined.

Getting new life breathed into it, buzz is starting to circulate that Vectrix could be launching a superbike model at this year’s upcoming EICMA show. While known primarily for its electric scooter line, the company made waves in 2007 when it released its superbike concept by ROBRADY designs. With the big-bike market for electrics starting to become more feasible, it seems Vectrix is looking to revisit that concept again.

Said to be working again with Rob Brady, we will have to wait and see what comes to fruition in Milan, but it could be interesting. Perhaps lending some credence to the rumor (this isn’t the first year Vectrix has been said to be eyeing a superbike model), former Vectrix CFO Chris Moe has returned to the company, leaving his post as CFO at Mission Motors. Interesting coincidence, no?

Source: Bothan Spies

  • If I were the CEO, the first order of business would be to change the name of the company. While they may have had a decent product, the majority of the bikes have either been garaged, converted to some other battery technology by determined and talented owners, or abandoned.* Time for a fresh start.

    *My opinion, of course, although it is based on my time on the various electric motorcycle forums.

  • Westward

    The more the merrier, should affect pricing.

    http://www.stealthelectricbikesunitedkingdom.com/bomber.html, might become my first electric…

  • Will ANYbody please try an alternative to the front fork?!? It makes even less sense on an e-bike than it does on an ICE one.

  • Spektre76

    They need to change the Shamoo v2.0 design. Mission R has it right unless…….unlessss this is supposed to be a sport tourer, then I see their point.

    But you what what, all that aside, I’m glad to see they didn’t throw in the towel and are giving the consumers another eBike to consider. I’d like to know the ranges and price.

  • Mark, in theory I’m with you, but give electrics a chance to first just get the drivetrain right and match performance before biting off even more of an engineering challenge and reinventing the wheel (*almost* literally).

  • Marc, wheels are sopassé. We want spheres!!!

  • Full Charge

    The Super Bike as auditioned in 2008 never had any electrics . It was merely a prototype shell of plastic and parts. The battery technology did not exist at that time. A great head bender at Indy however. Rob Brady did a cool design. 2012 Vectrix needs credibilty in product and a dealer network, not more hypeing of no-market super bikes. Present Vectrix GP group has been at it for 3years now, about time for some market action. Who’s buying this stuff at retail ?

  • Damo

    I live two towns over, maybe I can just swing by and ask Vectrix?


    I would change the name as well, but only because it is too close to Valtrex….