Rumor: Vectrix to Debut an Electric Superbike at EICMA?

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With all the hype that surrounds the electric motorcycle industry, it is easy to forget the company that basically paved the way for the current batch electric motorcycle OEMs. Depending on how closely you follow the space, Vectrix may or may not be a name that is familiar to you, but it should be. By our last count, the American-based, now Chinese-owned (it went bankrupt in 2009), EV company had put more electric two-wheelers on the road in the USA than Brammo and Zero Motorcycles…combined.

Getting new life breathed into it, buzz is starting to circulate that Vectrix could be launching a superbike model at this year’s upcoming EICMA show. While known primarily for its electric scooter line, the company made waves in 2007 when it released its superbike concept by ROBRADY designs. With the big-bike market for electrics starting to become more feasible, it seems Vectrix is looking to revisit that concept again.

Said to be working again with Rob Brady, we will have to wait and see what comes to fruition in Milan, but it could be interesting. Perhaps lending some credence to the rumor (this isn’t the first year Vectrix has been said to be eyeing a superbike model), former Vectrix CFO Chris Moe has returned to the company, leaving his post as CFO at Mission Motors. Interesting coincidence, no?

Source: Bothan Spies