More Troubles For Ruben Xaus in the Paddock Gossip

04/29/2010 @ 6:14 am, by Jensen Beeler4 COMMENTS

We’re only four rounds in for the 2010 World Superbike season, and already there’s increased “talk” about the possibility of Ruben Xaus getting canned by at least the end of the season. After a stellar showing by the BMW crew at Assen (at least for Troy Corser) all eyes are again on Xaus who managed to crash four times (we feel like we’ve heard this before) at the Dutch track.

Xaus seemingly channeled his outing at Phillip Island, binning his BMW S1000RR once in qualifying, once in warm-up, and in both Race 1 & Race 2. Originally regarded as BMW’s first-seat, it would seem Davide Tardozzi and the rest of the BMW team might be putting more stock in the strong finished Corser achieved in Assen, which creates some speculation as to what could have happened has Xaus gotten his act together.

With BMW on a mission to prove something in WSBK this season, there’s no telling what the team could do as far as riders, and Jakub Smrz name is already being mentioned as a possible replacement for Xaus at the end of the season. Motorsprint apparently has Tardozzi on the record as saying the following about Smrz: “we like the guy and his name is the first on our 2011 list,” which doesn’t bode well for Ruben.

Source: Motorsprint & Two Wheels Blog

  • Steveo

    If they would have contracted Mat Mladin, instead of Pitt on the Sattelite team they could have moved him up put Pitt on the bike and had a pretty solid stable of guys that could really develop the machine over the next few years as both MM and TC are getting up in age as racers go.

    Granted they would have to put up with MM’s bipolarish personality and ability to alienate himself from the entire padock. Still would have given the AMA fans in the USA something to enjoy more than Roger Hayden. No offense I am a huge AMA fan and wish Roger the best.

  • I like Steveo’s logic. I’d love to see Mladin in WSBK, now! I say can Xaus now and pop in Mladin.

    I also agree about Roger Hayden. I’m a big Hayden fan (of the whole fam) but I don’t think he’s even had 5 seconds of T.V time this year. He’s stuck at a (very) back of the pack.

  • Xaus just doesn’t seem to be getting anywhere, except in the gravel pits. Go Troy!
    They’ve had some interviews with Roger the last couple of weeks and he does seem to be getting closer to the points. At least a 16th in one of the races at Assen. They need help, though, to get them and keep them moving up. You gotta like his willingness to persevere (sp?).
    We’ve also heard rumblings of Mad Mat coming back to the States for ’11. Whatever he ends up doing or wherever he ends up going would do nothing but help the team he lands with. His bike set-up and testing skills are unparalled. And believe it or not he does smile now and again!
    Great stuff on here! Keep up the great work!

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