New MV Agusta F4 to Be Released Tomorrow

10/07/2009 @ 10:16 pm, by Jensen Beeler4 COMMENTS


MV Agusta is set to debut its latest revision of the F4 tomorrow, and have teased us with a glimpse of the bike’s front section. Like the 2010 MV Agusta Brutale, the overall design seems to be in-line with the F4’s of yore, which is underwhelming to say the least. Yes, the F4 is one of the most iconic modern sportbikes, and the standard by which all motorcycle designs are measured, but we are disappointed that MV is once again running back to the well for its product inspirations.

Keeping with the relationship the F4 has with the Brutale, we can expect the bikes to share the same motors, frame, and swingarm designs. From this picture, we can see that like the Brutale, the basic shapes of the F4 is retained, just mildly updated. For instance, the headlight is shown to have integrated LED marker lights, but retains the same diamond shape as before. The mirrors are more blunted, and now include LED signals. Also, the shape of the windscreen has been made more bulbous.

Sure to still be a gorgeous motorcycle, we can’t help but think that MV Agusta is incapable of standing on its own two feet without Massimo Tamburini around. MV’s recent acquisition by Harley-Davidson isn’t helping to quash that fear either. Hopefully we are sorely wrong tomorrow, but don’t hold your breath.

  • Hayabrusa

    I agree with your disappointment (so far) – I also had hoped that with H-D’s backing, MV would really step up. BUT, give them time – I’m sure these models were already in the pipeline prior to the acquisition; it will take a year or two to see if H-D has a good (or not so good) influence on MV.

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  • Mike

    and you thought Harley would breathe new life into MV because MV’s bikes were awesome and Harley makes Buells? Um….not sure how to comment, Harley builds costumes, not motorcycles. Some Harleys are cool yes, as long as you do not judge them on the engineering. Harley is what Starbucks would be if they made bad coffee.

  • Hayabrusa

    No – you are right on your end (they don’t build anything worth ‘riding’, that’s why I don’t own one :) ) – my point being if MV Augusta had some serious financial backing, maybe they could afford to build more than ONE cool bike that they re-hash 6 times into similar models.