MV Agusta Teases New “Alpine” Model for Next Week

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A curious email graced our inbox, as it seems that MV Agusta is teasing a new model that will debut this time next week.

The bike is called the “Alpine” and it features a fetching blue and grey color pairing, we don’t know too much about this machine, but the name and logo provide some hints, since they are from Automobiles Alpine.

This would suggest to us that MV Agusta has another super-exclusive model cooking, similar to what we saw with the MV Agusta F4Z collaboration with Zagato.

What kind of bike this will be though is anyone’s guess.

For those who don’t know, Automobiles Alpine is a french automobile brand known best for its sport and racing cars that debuted after the Second World War. Bought by Renault in 1973, the brand wasn’t revamped until 2017, and right now they have plans for the F1 Championship in 2021.

With Alpine and MV Agusta sharing a mountain range, the collaboration makes a bit of sense. But, what kind of machine will this be?

Reading the tea leaves is difficult when you consider that MV Agusta has been under constant change with its product road map, and the coronavirus outbreak has done nothing to help assure us that previous timelines are still foreseeable.

In our talks with MV Agusta Motor CEO Timur Sardarov, he suggested that an ADV bike was on the way from the Italian brand. And, the name “Alpine” would be a great start for an adventure bike.

I don’t think that is where MV Agusta is headed with this though, as I think Alpine’s racing history, and MV Agusta’s lack of a proper superbike in the lineup, makes for a very sporty opportunity.

Could this be the start of something larger though? We know that MV Agusta has a 900cc three-cylinder platform in the works, which will power their big bikes going forward. 

It would be interesting to see MV Agusta announcing its new motor lineup first with an exclusive model debut. We won’t have to speculate for too long though. Check back next week.

Source: MV Agusta

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