Michael Dunlop Rumored to be Racing for BMW at IOMTT

02/10/2014 @ 8:32 am, by Bryan Delohery3 COMMENTS


After an announcement in late 2013 that Michael Dunlop would be forced to sit out the 2014 road racing season, rumors are flying that he has pitched a tent in the BMW paddock.

Although no official statement has been made yet, MCN and Bennetts are both reporting the seven-time TT winner will be signing a deal to ride an BMW S1000RR for BMW Motorrad in the Superbike TT classes, along with a BMW HP4 that he will be riding for his own team, Michael Dunlop Racing, in Superstock TT race.

While Bennetts say that their sources confirmed that Dunlop rode the bike two weeks ago at a “secret shakedown” test, Dunlop himself denies that he has tested the bike, and that he has signed any contract with BMW.

From his Facebook page, the nephew to Joey said: “Can I just say that this site as well as others have made up few more lies with their so called reliable sources, I have not tested the BMW nor have I signed a contract to ride it.”

With seven career wins, four of which came last year, it would be nice to see Michael Dunlop return this year to continue putting notches in his belt and giving John McGuinness a reason to look over his shoulder.

Once the dust settles and the rumors are sorted, it will be up to Dunlop to determine what is in his best interest and how bad he wants to ride in the 2014 Isle of Man TT.

Source: Michael Dunlop (Facebook), MCN, & Bennetts; Photo: © 2013 Tony Goldsmith / TGF Photos – All Rights Reserved

  • LoneStarBR

    Oh man, that could be a stout combination assuming he can set the bike up right – I think it makes plenty of power doesn’t it?

  • Kenny

    Are traction control systems, ABS, etc allowed on the Isle TT?

  • Conrice

    The S1000r makes a lot of power, but remember, these bikes are all HIGHLY modified in the Senior. With the lack of effort BMW gives to their riders – I doubt he’d be anywhere near the front. And in Superstock, the margins may be a bit more favorable because of the bikes in stock form, but he still won’t be near the front.

    And all of that is without even figuring in the knowledge of the bike at the IOMTT. If he rides it, he won’t be near the front anywhere. It’s a new bike for him, and it’s still a relatively new bike to the IOMTT. The Beemer hasn’t down well so far at the IOMTT…

    I doubt he’ll be near the front.