Mavizen TTX03 Supermoto Quietly Being Developed?

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With the announcement of Mavizen’s TTX02 KTM RC8 look-alike taking up all of the spot light, Mavizen’s other project the TTX03 has quietly been hinted at by the company, and is expected to be an electric supermoto racer. Continuing what is shaping up to be the worst naming structure in the industry, the TTX03 also shows the links between Mavizen and the TTXGP organizers.

With TTXGP recently announcing the addition of a supermoto class to its list of races, we had some speculation as to whom would be racing in that series. Considering Zero Motorcycles is really the only company out there with a purpose-built supermoto (and only a couple other manufacturers capable of rapidly developing a supermoto race bike), it was hard to fathom why such an obscure class would be pursued.

The electric supermoto series of course now makes sense with this recent announcement by Mavizen, which is positioning itself as stepping stone for teams to gain easy entry into the electric motorcycle racing world. These deductions all stem from Mavizen’s announcement that is would be focusing its next bike on a motocross derived product for 2010.

“Mavizen is currently evaluating a project for a motocross derived product for 2010. TTX03 allows participation in the growing TTXGP racing programme for 2010/2011 season. Using commonality of the parts and processes where possible, this is designed to be an affordable route to competitive standard on electric motocross.”

Expect the supermoto to use an Agni sourced motor, and to be available to teams looking to compete in next year’s TTXGP event. Zero and Quantya take note.

Source: Plugbike