Husqvarna Sold, But to Whom?

01/30/2013 @ 10:43 am, by Jensen Beeler12 COMMENTS


The Brits over at MCN broke the news last night that Husqvarna was about to be acquired by KTM. Since M&A’s are a rarity in this industry, the news was certainly interesting, but given that the beleaguered Husqvarna brand has been such a pox on BMW Motorrad with its dwindling dirt bike sales, and that the German company has been embroiled in trying to transition the Italian-based Swedish brand into the on-road segment, now seems a peculiar time for the BMW Group to unload Husqvarna…or that anyone would even be interested in purchasing the company.

Since that time, our Italian friends over at OmniMoto have confirmed the news that Husqvarna will be sold, with an announcement this week (likely tomorrow), but Dutch publication NieuwsMotor puts an interesting caveat on the story, saying that KTM CEO Stefan Pierer is the purchaser, not KTM AG or Cross Industries AG (the main holding company for KTM). If that news is correct, then it would seem likely that today’s news is a two-fer, with Stefan Pierer presumably stepping down from his position at KTM to take on a new role at Husqvarna.

With all the pieces of the puzzle still not on the table, we are left with a bit of “if, then” conjecture, but what does seem certain is that BMW Motorrad is about to make a critical divesture in its holdings, and there is a very interesting future ahead for Husqvarna.

Source: MCN, OmniMoto, & NieuwsMotor

  • Dr. Gellar

    If KTM’s Stefan Pierer is indeed the potential buyer of Husqvarna (rather than KTM or Cross Industries as mentioned), then this sale makes more sense. Perhaps he realizes that he may eventually lose his grip on KTM to Indian company Bajaj, and wants to go his own way.

  • archy

    for someone looking for a new business adventure it’s the best possible deal. sign the contract, own a top-end factory pimped by bmw euros and copy the european motorcycle products. then huskies will shine :-)

    husqvarna go road racing again!!!

    when can i buy the first superbike?

  • Andrew

    I just don’t see what KTM would have to gain from Husqvarna, unless they just wanted to shut it down and remove a bit of competition for their own machines… which would be a pity and it would also seem rather unnecessary given small volume of Husky’s recent sales.
    As for sale to Stefen Pierer, would Huskvarna be at this point a viable business without the backing of a major player like BMW or KTM? I doubt it.
    I think we’ll just have to wait for more information.

  • Jeram

    If only polaris industries had bought husky, We’d all be riding around on 800 DI two strokes road bikes within a couple years!

    That would be a dream come true.

  • Salihin Rahim

    pointless for KTM, unless there are some secret projects which never got off

  • paulus – Thailand

    Audi/ducati needs a dirt brand… audi has stacks of cash

  • “If only polaris industries had bought husky, We’d all be riding around on 800 DI two strokes road bikes within a couple years!”

    Or maybe a 1731cc V-twin with 10cm of suspension travel. It could go either way. ;-)

  • Jerry

    He may not like where KTM is going and wants to do something on his own, acquiring Husky may allow him that freedom he did not have with KTM and bring the glory back to the Husky brand

  • paulus – Thailand

    KTM is a great brand… it can only be a good thing if Husky is bought by them

  • archy

    deal is officially done.

    s. pierer himself, or better, his own company bought the brand.

  • Jimbo

    ^^ Yep, Bloomberg news just released an article confirming Pierer Industrie AG purchsed Husky

  • Gritboy

    Husky has a chance then… :D