Visordown is reporting that they have a source who has uncovered an unofficial report that Kawasaki has been chosen as the sole motor supplier for the new Moto2 race series. The source goes on to allege that a deal has already been signed for Kawasaki to supply the one-make motors for the class, despite Dorna’s claims that the contract is still open for tender. Apparently, the deal has been done on down-low in order to keep Kawasaki involved in the MotoGP racing series.


While we find this news a little hard to swallow, last month Visordown did correctly predict the coming of the single-motor supply rule when team Blusens shelved their Moto2 project. Still if this information is correct, we can only imagine there are more than a few firms that are going to be unhappy about Dorna tendering an offer for bids when its already made its mind up, and we would be surprised if that didn’t lead to some legal implications (fraud) for Dorna. Time will tell on this one.

Source: Visordown