Ducati’s BMW R1200GS Killer?

12/10/2008 @ 8:48 pm, by Jensen Beeler5 COMMENTS

Editor’s note: To dispel any confusion, the above photo is a photoshoped “Hyperstrada” designed to be the embodiment of Ducati’s new bike.

Rumors are about that Ducati is already showing to a select number of dealers, what can only be described as a BMW R1200GS killer. Based on their 1100cc air-cooled motor that powers the Monster, Multistrada, and Hypermotard, the new bike aims to be a more trail oriented dual-sport than the other road-tied bikes it shares its power plant with. The new bike is supposedly going to replace that Multistrada in Ducati’s positioning, with a greater focus on having off-road capability.

Source: MotoXMoto

  • BikePilot

    I’m hoping they offer two versions of the new MTS. One aimed at the GS with good ground clearance, a 19 or 21″ front wheel and case guards and another that is more like the current model with quick turning, sticky 17″ rubber for greater street prowess. I can’t say I’d complain about a third, MTS4R perhaps based off the streetfighter chassis either;)

  • Cheese

    IMHO, Ducati shouldn’t compete with the GS. The Strada is unique, probably one of the best Ducatis for versatility and rider position. Ducati’s heritage is street/road/racing, and it makes better sense to offer bikes into that category. Creating a GS shows that Ducati is a follower, and unsure of its product line.

  • Bjorn

    Any Ducati offroad variant will need to feature a decent bash guard to protect the oil filter a la the Cagiva Elephant. I can say from personal experience that the oil filter is the first thing to bottom out in those “marginal clearance” situations.
    I loved the old Elephants, especially the 900. A great all road and fire trail bike, but a little heavy and unwieldy for serious offroad.

  • Pat Kennedy

    Agree with most of the above (just crashed my Cagiva Elefant 750 recently…). I had heard Ducati was rationalising its range – eg. dropping tourers – can’t see the need to follow or compete with BMW in their specialty. They should stay with what they do best (love my 1098S!) unless BMW start to take sales away from Ducati in the sportsbike category. Saw the 1098-engined Multistrada video – I reckon dual-purpose bikes should be air-cooled (one less fluid to bleed)!

  • adrian

    i wish this was the 2010 multistrada instead of their japanese looking one. never will buy a mts now.