An All-New Ducati Multistrada Is Coming at EICMA

09/23/2014 @ 5:31 pm, by Jensen Beeler22 COMMENTS


We are only a week away before the new models for 2015 will begin hitting the internet, but already we are hearing whispers from our Bothan Spies about new motorcycles that are coming forth.

Traditionally Ducati has been a leaking sieve of information, though now under corporate control of Audi AG, the Italian company has been more cautious about letting information slip.

That being said, we’ve heard information from several sources now that suggest a new Multistrada model is coming down the pipe, and will debut at the EICMA show. Likely a response to the ever-crowding ADV space, which sees the addition of BMW Motorrad’s Multistrada-killer, the BMW S1000XR.

Rumor has it that the Multistrada assembly line at Borgo Panigale has been shutdown, and that MTS1200 parts are no longer available from certain channels — a sign from previous models that Ducati is shifting from a build to support role for the current Multistrada 1200 series.

Aggressive end-of-sumer dealer pricing on the Multistrada 1200 also tips a hand at Ducati’s desire to help dealers clear the way for a new model, though what features and specs that machine could have remains a mystery.

In other upcoming model news, the Ducati Scrambler is a 2015 model that everyone knows about…ad nauseam. We have also seen the accidental leak of the Ducati 1299 superbike, which our sources say will be a direct replacement for the Ducati 1199 Panigale R, and will operate as Ducati’s homologation special for the 2015 World Superbike season.

While the displacement is said to remain 1,198cc — squashing rumors of a longer stroke for the machine — the real key seems to be the 1299’s engine modifications (pistons, crank, valves, etc), which will be severely restricted from development under the new WSBK rules for next season.

With roughly six weeks left before EICMA (and only one week until INTERMOT), it’s only a matter of time before the information will be available. Stay tuned Ducatisti.

Source: Bothan Spies

  • ZootCadillac

    What can I say? My favourite bike in the entire range. I just wish it had a larger front wheel.
    Will likely be my next purchase for a daily rider. After I’ve seen the new Africa Twin that is :) And I do like a Super Ténéré. Oh dear. i need an intervention ;)

  • Motobell

    Simple :
    – get rid of luggage space eating exhaust, yes bigger panniers, cruise control and lower height

  • Xan

    @Motobell: there are many examples of what you’re describing… They’re called touring bikes.

  • Zoot, I think everyone is curious to see what the Africa Twin looks like. Will it be as serious of an off-roader as is rumored, or will it be a dud…hmm…time will tell.

    I’m very curious to see this S1000XR from BMW as well. That machine could be bananas for the more on-road focused group of the ADV bunch.

    Mmmm…did I mention this is my favorite time of the year??!

  • pooch

    I have a friend and his mrs riding a multistrada around Europe right now, he’s also taken it for a lap of the Nordschleife + GP track, he reckons the bike is brilliant. Is it worth the price tag though, hmmm, not so sure ?

  • Paul McM

    The Multi-Strada is a well-executed “do-anything” machine that is fun and rewarding to drive. I had this on a short list to replace two bikes in my stable (ST1100 and VFR800). Ultimately I rejected this bike because the MS (despite the claims) really has some short-comings as a long-range, high-speed machine: 1) inadequate wind protection; 2) deep-dished seat with “backstop” that completely locks the rider in position. A fairly big guy at 6’1″, I couldn’t move fore/aft at all on this thing. That was a total deal-breaker. The seat on the new KTM adventure 1190 R is way, way better. The mfgs. should also look at the seat on the old FJ1200. Very comfortable — wide enough in front to provide thigh support and you could move fore/aft easily.

  • Paul Cypert

    I just wish adventure bike did not have to mean designed to look like a bird. They’re bulky, ugly as sin and even if this one happens to be one of the better ones…that’s like picking which member of the Honey Boo Boo family looks the best.

    And then having an exotic Euproean import “adventure bike” seems odd. Many Ducati dealerships out in the middle of nowhere?

  • DogDBountyHunter

    Love the Multi-Strada. It was as fast as my Streetfighter S but had a smoother fuel injection, better around town ride and turning circle, way more comfortable and lots of wind protection. If the new one has a metal gas tank (current one has the plastic tanks that expand from ethanol fuel), I will probably look at getting one. The MS is the only bike I’ve liked better than my Streetfighter and Triumph Speed Triples for both around town and touring. Plus they look pretty good and you can still get your Ducati Superbike soundtrack fix!

  • Quiet American

    Exactly what I want too, with the beak also gone. These are sport touring bike’s that have been compromised to look like and pretend to be enduros. This has been done because sport touring bikes stopped selling due to them being comprised to look like and pretend to be sport bikes.

  • Danboy1000

    MTS1200s is an awesome machine. I have one and its superbike fast but also really comfortable, for rider and pillion. It is a thirsty beast though and if ridden as a Ducati is supposed to be ridden range is about 120 miles.

    Put the pikes peak screen on for much less buffeting and better looks. The keyless inanition is cool but worryingly complex. I bet the new one will be a belter though.

  • Nick

    I head the new Multistrada will also swim and fly. 6 bikes in one!

  • ScottInAustin

    KTM SupermotoT = the Multistrada killer, except whoops, KTM isn’t sending those to USA anymore!

  • Jake F.

    Figures. I just got mine in July and it’s already out-of-date. Let’s hope they use an aluminum gas tank this time. After a class-action lawsuit and more than a decade of replacing warped plastic gas tanks under warranty, you’d think Ducati would have learned their lesson.

  • Terry

    @ScottInAustin – sadly Ktm aren’t sending them anywhere, as they stopped making the smt in 2013.
    Glad I got one, having ridden both it and the MS1200, imho the smt is a million miles better.

    Really wish they’d bring out a new version, matching the weight of my own and adding better fueling and throttle response, and 20 odd hp. Better fuel economy would be the icing on the cake.
    I can dream….

  • motobell

    @Xan – I know I have always had a sportouteing bike in my stable – it has been my FJR1300 – looking for a sporty replacement and non one makes a competent one.

    @Quiet American – you are right.. road biased ADV are the new and viable sport touring bikes – unfortunately they carry many design attributes not optimized for it actual… I hate SUVs.. but i love my wife’s Porsche Macan that rides like good sport sedan..

    my sport touring criteria – litre+ class, under 500lbs, proper FJR size luggage, low option like GS, electronics – abs, traction, cruise and yes handle like the Multi

    I have twice long toured on a MultiStrada GranTurismo in itlay, switzerland, austria, france and once swapping across the liquid cooled GS last year – Both of these bikes blew me away and convinced me thatI can drop my hate for the all rounder craze at the expense of proper sport touring bikes.

    The S1000XR looks very promising – but I already know how they will screw it up – it will have tiny F800 style bags… The aprilia Caponord is appelaing buy the bags are on tiny side and flimsy.

  • john

    Same reason I don’t own a suv is the same reason I dont want a adventure touring. I have a truck to haul and will add a car soon

    I’ll keep my concours 14 for the long rides and 2 up riding and my new hyperstrada for single up shorter rides and my touno to haul butt

    Ah if i only had one street bike, id cave and get one of these and probably wonder why i needed so many other bikes

  • Bruce

    I would settle for one with a functional rear brake….

    Wouldn’t mind a larger front wheel after riding the 1190 too. Overall love mine the way it is….with the exception of the brake of course…

  • Terry

    Jaysus its like millionaires row on this thread!
    You’d know it was a Ducati thread thats for sure :)

  • AHA

    @ZootCadillac – If you want a bigger front wheel, the KTM 1190 or 1290 could be your bike. Just test rode the non-R 1190 and it’s a magic carpet ride. A much more comfortable & effortless high speed sport tourer than the rather frenetic MTS.

    @Paul McM & the other FJR fans on here – I suggest you try the new KTM Adventure as I think its combination of big power and road-smoothing rider aids is ‘next-gen’ sport-touring. You guys might like it too. Seat preety lush. That said, although I haven’t ridden it yet, I suspect the CapoNord is just as accomplished.

    @ScottInAustin and @Terry – Expecting news any day on the new SupermotoT. If this really does turn up in 2015 then a head to head with a new MTS (and the S1000XR) is a mouth-watering prospect.

  • Renn

    Can I say how bored to absolute death I am of the Ducati Scrambler! Who cares what it looks like and how it goes. Bored to tears!!
    The last bike to be publicised and hyped in this way was the VFR1200 and that got destroyed by the press, mostly because of the futuristic looks and small tank range.

    MultiStrada’s are awesome bikes. Having had the privilege of a test ride I can honestly say it is everything they say in term of comfort and pace. With all Ducati’s the bike must have a fruity exhaust to let the L-Twin goodness out!

    I for my sins have Ducati’s first gen MTS. Its a good wheelie bike.

  • john

    Terry, ha.

  • Terry

    @AHA – not heard a whisper on a new smt myself, praying its true!
    Any details? Do u think its a genuine rumour?