Rumor: It’s Multistrada 1200, Not Stradaperta

10/18/2009 @ 9:00 am, by Jensen Beeler11 COMMENTS


UPDATE 2: Get the latest news on the 2010 Ducati Multistrada 1200 here.

UPDATE: Ducati has officially announced the Multistrada 1200 name, no word on model variations.

The usually accurate folks at SoloMoto have broken an interesting plot twist to the ever unfolding drama of the soon to be released Stradaperta, and that is the bike is to be called instead the Multistrada 1200. Taking the nomenclature of the machine it replaces, Ducati is allegedly hoping to build of the reputation and brand that the Multistrada motorcycle has made in the industry. With this break, also comes news that four variations of the motorcycle will be offered. More on that after the jump.

Still unconfirmed, the name change has been popping up on a few sites that are usually well informed, and according to SoloMoto the Multistrada badge has all but been confirmed by Ducati. We can see from a brand point-of-view why this move might make sense, leveraging an existing mark instead of creating a new one. However, given the Multistrada’s love/hate reception, stepping away from the MS name might do more good than bad. Who knows what the thought process in Bologna is right now, maybe they have a lot of extra “Multistrada” shirts laying around that they want to sell. We however, would prefer to see a 180 on this decision by the time the bike is debuted at the EICMA show in Milan.

SoloMoto30 is also rumoring that the Multistrada 1200 will feature a single injector per cylinder (down from the 1198 powerplant’s usual 2 injectors per cylinder), and will thus make 130hp. This is also a 180 in the news we’ve heard about the new Ducati adventure bike. Originally rumored at 1200cc’s, subsequent news has pegged the bike to follow in the footsteps of the Streetfighter, taking on the leftover 1098cc motors from the 2008 Superbike line. A 1198cc isn’t completely unreasonable from a product parity perspective, since the BMW R1200GS comes in a similar size. Additionally, the motor choice could make sense from a supply-chain perspective if Ducati is able to finish out its run of 1098cc motors with the Streetfighter line-up through 2010. Ducati can still enjoy a large common parts bin with the 1198cc motor in the new Multistrada, and what we suspect will be a 2011 Streetfighter 1198.

The big news coming out of this rumor though is the suggestion of a four model line-up. In standard Ducati form, there is almost certainly going to be a base model, and an “S” model, which features more carbon pieces, perhaps more power, and the ubiquitous Öhlins suspension. It also seems certain that the “S” model will get the Ducati Traction Control (DTC) system, Ducati Data Analyzer (DDA), and a disengageable anti-lock brake system (ABS).

Adding to these models though are two others: the “T” (touring), and “R” (rocks) models. The “T” model will come with two or three hard saddle bags standard, a larger windscreen (possibly adjustable), and other touring options found standard in the industry (plugs for heated garments, etc). The “R” model will be the last of the models to be released, and may feature a 19″ front wheel instead of the 17″ wheel we’ve seen in the Multistrada’s off-road photos. The “R” model will also include parts to help protect the bike further from dirt, rocks, and debris.

Needless to say if you’ve read this far, there are a lot of rumors being thrown out here. We’re not certain on how much of this will turn-out to be truthful, but if anything else, it is illustrative of the number of niche markets Ducati can possibly fill with their new adventure bike, regardless of what they call it. We think there would be a bit of confusion in Ducati’s naming convention if the “R” version stood for “rocks” and not “racing”, also the idea that a separate model needs to exist for a touring option seems confusing, when a robust accessories selection could just as easily fill the need. Maybe not the best rumor we’ve heard lately in plausibility, but the name change does seem to have some grounding in truth. As always, time will tell on this one. See you in November Stradaperta Multistrada 1200.

Source: SoloMoto 30

  • Rumor: It's Multistrada 1200, Not Stradaperta

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  • This is perhaps the most laughable rumor I’ve heard so far. For a start the 1198 range only has a single injector per throttle body (save for the limited edition 1098R) so Solo Moto isn’t looking too strong on this one. My rebuttal is below.

  • Jenny Gun


    I would probably agree with your argument, save for the fact there seems to be a lot of suggestion the Multistrada name will live on with this bike.

  • Jenny,

    You are right about the speculation. It seems that Ducati has truly not yet made up its mind yet!

  • I have to eat humble pie, Multistrada 1200 it is. Ducati is now officially teasing the new bike.

  • Jenny Gun

    It happens to all of us Mark. Nice job breaking the story!

  • Aaron

    Some slightly enhanced stills from the video give a better look at the front end…
    It’s errr… visually interesting. I guess it does live up to the Multistrada name.

  • Woow ,Woow freakin wait a min!!! Ducati is makin a 1198 Streetfigher whats the truth % rate on that …. ? and can you please give me specifics // details adout when u can start putting in your orders…. seriously??????

  • @julzczar: probably this time next year? there has been no official announcement, but we have good sources stating that Ducati sees an 1198 powerplant in the SF’s future.

  • It is a certainty that the SF will gain the 1198 engine since the Multistrada used it. It means the 1098 powerplant is end of life