A Better Look at the Ducati Mega Monster

07/21/2010 @ 1:47 pm, by Jensen Beeler37 COMMENTS

Italian news site MotoSprint has stumbled upon perhaps the best photo yet of the new Ducati power cruiser, which has been dubbed the “Mega Monster”. From the side we can get a better glimpse on the bike’s overall lines and stature, which at leasts makes us more comfortable with how the bike’s final aesthetic will come to be. Love it or hate it? Let us know in the comments.

Source: MotoSprint via Ducati News Today

  • I just threw up in my mouth.

  • It’s probably better than other long wheel-based, heavy motorcycles… Not my cup of tea though.

  • Odie

    Kinda has a Buell look to it.

  • Sean Mitchell

    When will I wake up from this nightmare?

  • I think it is great to see them branching out. It seems to mirror some of the lines of the V-rod.

  • Ed Gray

    Power cruser wise it’s not too bad. My biggest gripe is the rads on the side. But what are you going to do?

  • Joe Show

    Looks like a catfish from the bayou!

  • CBR600RR 09

    I am a Super Sport rider but I absolutely LOVE that! And I predominantly HATE cruisers!

  • Jumpr

    The only way this will be cool is if it has the Desmosedeci engine…

  • wayne

    Aside from the relatively comfy looking ergos I can’t see one redeeming quality in this bike. The entire thing looks at odds with itself; as if it were cobbled together from all the left over bits not used on their other development projects. There is no flow or cohesive, singular theme to the design and no amount of sexy red paint is going to cover that amount of ugly.

  • bruske

    It’s a good thing for the people that want the sport bike ride and the cruiser feel. All the others of it’s type don’t handle for crap and only have limited power. And yes I do know and it has prevented me from owning them. We all know Ducati knows how to make a twin unlike the other guys and will have a six speed unlike the other guys.

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  • rossisucks

    you guys are sick, that’s one hot ride, cant wait to see the final look :)

  • This is a mistake … The person riding it must be paid really well to be seen in public on such an ugly motorcycle?!? I Don’t like it.

  • I am not into long, heavy, muscle bikes.. but if it corners like a Ducati.. then I’d love to take it for a ride!

  • JT

    hmm u are already mocking a bike which is barely complete…
    im sure there is much more than meets the eye people
    give ducati a break… think that everyone was thinking the same thing when they saw the streetfighter!
    anyway this too has the streetfighter bottom panel look to it… im sure there will be much mroe bling on the mega monster but have to say.. it aint looking half bad.. a mix of a cruiser/streetfighter beast me thinks!

  • Bill Smith

    Urgent message to Ducati: B-King was a total failure and the V-Max is an overpriced project bike form Yamaha – a mistake Yamaha won’t make again in the US market (at least not without another division head replacement).

    There are two major motorcycle categories in the US – Sport Bikes and Cruisers. Design, develop and manufacture one or the other for the US market.

  • One Who Knows

    “There are two major motorcycle categories in the US – Sport Bikes and Cruisers. Design, develop and manufacture one or the other for the US market”

    and yet Ducati’s best selling bike over the last 20 years is the Monster, which is neither.

    This bike isn’t my type, I ride a Multistrada and what I’d like to see next is a 350 lb Hypermotard… but I predict that Ducati will sell a bunch of them.

  • Sean Mitchell

    Monster is a sport bike. It’s naked, air cooled, but sport ergos and handling.

    For those of you thinking this will handle “like a Ducati”, it doesn’t matter what the badge says if the rear tire is over 200 and the wheelbase is 10 feet.

  • mxs

    This bike isn’t my type, I ride a Multistrada and what I’d like to see next is a 350 lb Hypermotard… but I predict that Ducati will sell a bunch of them.

    They already have Hyper 796 which is close to it. Getting lighter means it has to be more based on a dirt bike and significantly smaller engine ….

  • Joe R

    I think i like it. I Wanna Ride it.

  • Bill Smith

    And I would place the Monster, FZ1, Z1000 in the “just a bit more comfortable” sport bike category. All of which sell far better in Euro than here in the US. But all great products (I’ve owned two FZ1s)!

  • buellracerx

    I agree with JT and rossisucks. except for your name, rossisucks. of course.

    come on guys, why are we discussing aesthetics of what is most likely an ENGINEERING PROTOTYPE meant for TEST PURPOSES? Take this pic w/ a grain of salt…

    then again, sitting around like sheep and agreeing w/ one another (and the author) is fun, too…lol

  • Jake318

    I dont Know if there is more than One prototype but in other pics ive seen this new Duc looked awful . In this side photo though it looks good .

  • Ray

    Not bad. Will be good to see it fully finished out. I’m sure it’ll have more power than the other power cruisers–and better brakes, better handling, be lighter and with that single-sided swingarm, it’ll be sexier.

  • irksome

    At 52, I think about getting something a little more sedate than my Speed Triple… but this ain’t it. I’m still inclined towards a Thunderbird or a Rocket III Roadster.

    But not for a few years yet… I ain’t DEAD, y’know?

    But I just LOVE the camo spots on the mufflers… will that be standard?

  • Aptimus Prime

    I hate this bike b/c it is so blatantly outside their area of expertise and their brand identity. Ducati aren’t branching out, they are making a greedy lunge at a giant pile of gold in the form of the US cruiser market. Their making themselves look foolish in the process.

    If they had taken the 1100 Desmodue and built a flattrack sport-cruiser with a beautiful SSS, what is Harley’s response to that? The Ducati would have more power from less displacement, and it would weigh about 200lbs less than the XR1200. What could Harley do but cry and hope that their brand identity and their signature sound is enough to make the new Duc fail.

    You don’t attack your opponent’s strength with your weakness. You attack their weakness with your strength.

  • Wow what next?

    Christ it looks like a Harley V-Rod and they are a piece of crap and do not sell. Even the loud pipes save lives Harely fags think the V-rod is girlie bike. Yamaha and Kawasaki already have bikes like this in the V-Max and B-King. They do not sell enough units to make them worth producing so why this ugly thing?

  • ML

    Going by some of the comments posted (on this site and others); do you guys even realize this is a development bike and not the final production bike? In other words, its not finished yet! At least wait for the production version before making your final judgement.

    …and yeah, I know many don’t like the overall concept so it won’t matter if the bike looks ‘good’ once finished.

  • Marc

    For what it is, it looks good. It has an attractive profile and stance, and I’m sure will be more sporting and rideable than the direct competition (V-Rod, B-King, VMax). Can’t blame Ducati for going after a customer that is looking for a portable penis extender… they’ll pay piles of cash to try to pick up tube-topped girls 20 years their junior. As long as the other models continue deliver on the brand promise, I don’t see much risk to their cache.

  • wayne

    @ML and JT: Yes, I understand what we are seeing here. I understand this is not the ‘final’ version. I understand they purposely hit it over and over with the ugly stick (i.e. the sketchy paint on the tank and exhaust) to keep us from forming a proper picture of the bike. Keeping all that in mind, I must still respectfully disagree. Based on the pic’s we’ve been seeing and the design sketches A&R provided earlier I don’t believe it’s going to get much better. Look at the bike’s ‘bones’–the wheelbase, rake, frame components and hard parts that are unaffected by paint and aesthetic tweaks–and maybe you’ll understand why I feel this one is just a big ‘ol plate of ugly served with sides of impending failure and misspent development dollars.

  • ML

    @wayne: I totally understand where you’re coming from, too. However, I still see much room for ‘cleaning up’ the bike for production. I guess we all have no choice but to wait till its done.

    I still have hope! =)

  • paulus

    In a tough time for the motorcycle industry, Ducati and putting money into developing new models and taking risks to stimulate the industry.. not just releasing last years model again and again.

    I am with the “think positive” guys.
    This is the unfinished prototype. There are obvious parts missing (radiators covers etc).
    Let’s wait until the Milan show before it is decided what the concept is.

    reserve your judgements until the bike is launched.

  • johnson

    The Ducati Apollo has be resurrected:


  • johnson


    damn it.

  • DucatiRosie

    DUC designers have lost thier minds! Now we have DUC DEVILS…..and Tripple 9’s…

    The DUC Engineers forgot to put the DUC DIAVEL emblem or logo on the bike! “666”!!!

    A devil is not supposed to be pretty, and I guess this guy has the look of a MOTO DIAVEL!!!!

    I’ll stick with my ST2…..this bike is ugly as sin, and my personal opinion…..I agree with the pukie guy, Cru Jones. . . but I’m afraid mine went past my mouth! (Hah!)

    CALLING ALL PRIEST??? FAST!!!!!!!! URGENT ~~~ This bike, Engineers, and all of Ducati need to be blessed!~ Have faith, it’ll get better!