How the Ducati Diavel Will Look Tipped Over

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The latest leak from Bologna shows how the upcoming Ducati power cruiser will look tipped over on its side, after an owner gets hit by car, or fails to get the kick stand down in time. Snarkiness aside, reports from the Italian news site Romagna NOI say the Diavel test rider was struck by a car while testing the bike.

The rider seems to be ok, and the bike looks to have held up quite well all things considered. One thing we can glean from the photo is the two-tone paint on the headlight cowling, which might help break up what were expecting to be a very ugly line.

Rumors about Ducati’s power cruiser (first called the Vyper, then Mega-Monster, and now called the Diavel) have been circulating for over a year now, despite Ducati at one point saying the project had been scrapped.

While the name has changed several times (it’s apparently called Project 0803 internally), Ducati has recently filed for trademarks in the UK market using the Diavel name. MCN, who has had the inside-line on this bike for sometime now, reports the mark will be used for Ducati’s new power cruiser.

While the Ducati Diavel is being built with the American market mainly in mind, Ducati Motor Holdings has apparently gotten little to no input on the bike’s design from it’s North American constituents, which may account for some of the design and product choices.

Source: Romagna NOI via HFL