A New Ducati Diavel Cometh?

02/26/2014 @ 11:53 am, by Jensen Beeler17 COMMENTS


According to users on Diavel-Forum.com, Ducati dealers have been telling customers to get ready for an updated version of the Ducati Diavel, which should break cover Monday, March 3rd.

The surprise unveiling for the 2014 model year will see the Ducati Diavel get a host of improvements, most notable the dual-spark Testastretta 11° DS motor. Other updates are said to include a revised headlight, new exhaust, indicators, and side panels.

If the reports turn out to be true, we should see the Diavel get a modest power boost from the Testastretta 11° DS engine (likely only in the mid-range, as was seen on the Multistrada 1200).

Expect a small premium for the model over the standard Diavel, with three trim levels being available, including a “Dark” base model and a high-end “Carbon” model.

Presumably the update to the Diavel comes about because of the release Monster 1200, as Ducati always pitched the Diavel as a more extreme version of the Monster line — the name “Mega Monster” was reportedly kicked around for a while as the name for the motorcycle.

Accounting for nearly 20% of Ducati’s sales, the Italian company has a huge interest in keeping the Diavel line fresh and relevant for customers. We called the Diavel Ducati’s deal with the Devil, as it pushed the brand farther away from its superbike roots, and in the hopes of bringing typically non-Ducati riders into the Bologna Brand.

Several years later now, we can see that the plan worked, with Ducati’s power cruiser bringing in a slew of new Ducatisti. Will this second-generation model continue the trend? We have only a few more days to wait.

Source: Diavel-Forum.com

  • Chaz Michael Michaels

    Why Ducati?

    Consumer society on the skids. First, it was–make everything disposable. Now it’s–sell out your loyal base of customers to attract the ones who care less what your company is about. And it’s everywhere!

    Next, MotoGP riders will be in puppet shows to increase their popularity with soccer moms.

  • Diego Dominator

    That’s why Casey left!! it’s all a puppet show now and motorcycle manufacturers are BIG selllouts

  • BJ Bad Bad

    Ok, so you’re mad because Ducati isn’t a boutique brand anymore and you don’t seem as cool when you tell someone you own one? Buy an MV then.

  • eg

    MV is selling out to. go get a vyrus

  • Richard Gozinya

    Vyrus is way too mainstream, get a Walt Siegl Leggera.

    On another note, I had no idea the Diavel was such a big seller. Kind of makes sense, given the way the economy is. It’s a bike for wealthier people, who by and large have faired a lot better in this economy. Seems like the only stuff that sells anymore is either expensive or dirt cheap, not much in between.

  • Bruce

    How is expanding your product line a sellout to your original customer base? I could understand the accusation if they were replacing their sportbikes with cruisers, but they are not. Ducati still offers sport bikes for the traditional Ducatisti. And likely the Diavel brings in new money that supports the R&D of better sportbikes. And though I’m an Aprilia guy, I admire Ducati’s marketing and growth strategies from a business perspective.

  • Jon

    The Diavel is an amazing machine. Most naysayers have yet to ride one in my experience. One test ride and my wife sold her Monster of 5 years for her Diavel. She chose the Strada for her needs and there is no other bike like it on the market. A perfect blend between a Monster and a Multistrada. A fantastic ride. We are not wealthy as one poster would suggest, but we are veteran riders and do not trifle with our motorcycle choices. Well worth the value in my opinion and nothing about this model cries “sell-out” to me. It is pure Ducati lust in an alternative flavor, but still boldly Ducati. The Monster, Multistrada, Hyper, and Diavel broaden their market but they are not chasing the masses as much as giving them a gift of excellence in design and execution no one else provides quite the same way. Thank you Ducati!

  • L2C

    @ Bruce

    The Diavel is a cruiser. Thus the whole crossroads deal with the devil thing. And if you like cyberpunk, you can catch it on Person of Interest if you hang around long enough. Too bad about Carter, though. Show is noticeably flabby since she was killed off.

    Anyway, great looking bike. Definitely worth the drool.

  • Gritboy

    Took an extended ride of the Diavel 2-years back. Well sorted out, but despite all the hype far less exciting than my FZ1. Not a fan of the styling either… but once behind the bars styling is less relevant.

  • Norm G.

    re: “Kind of makes sense, given the way the economy is. It’s a bike for wealthier people, who by and large have faired a lot better in this economy.”

    no kind of about it.

    re: “I could understand the accusation if they were replacing their sportbikes with cruisers, but they are not.”

    let’s see, 90V check, 4-valve water cooled check, desmodromics check, trellis frame check, SSA check, belt driven cams check.

    right then, if it walks like a duck…? and quacks like a duck…? IT’S A DUCATI. see what I did there…?

    re: “Ducati still offers sport bikes for the traditional Ducatisti”

    see entry for 1199, see entry for 899.

    re: “we are veteran riders and do not trifle with our motorcycle choices.”

    that’s damn right.

  • @ JON

    “Well said, Sir” – I still found the DIAVEL’S clutch clunky – but the bike is an awesome ride..
    Test ride before you comment. I wish they also made a smaller version – that’s what I’d buy !
    But i’d also buy the MV 800 & An 899 & I’m waiting on the Ducati scrambler
    – as I live in Africa & there are cool off road places to visit on weekend rides

    Enjoy your bikes fellows

  • JoeD

    Not impressed but to each his own.

  • Jon


    That Scrambler is going to be fun. I’ve never seen a company point itself in so many directions so quickly and achieve all their destinations so well. They are showing themselves to be a master of all trades.

  • Westward

    Even the Wolverine rides a Diavel.

    My girl sat on a Diavel and liked that she could easily plant both feet firmly on the ground, plus she thought it felt lighter and easier to toss around.

    If I were into getting a cruiser, I’d no doubt get a Diavel…

  • Chaz Michael Michaels

    If Diavel makes money then it makes sense. …just so that they pour every penny back into their MotoGP program. Then ok.

    Don’t stop at cruisers. Can’t wait to see Ducati quads, lawnmowers, and weed whippers.

  • Richard Gozinya


    The Diavel, Monster, and every other non-sportbike that Ducati makes counters the financial blackhole that is their sportbike/MotoGP family. Though now that they’re owned by Audi, I’m guessing actual profitability might be required. The superbikes are neat and all, but they’ve been a financial loser for Ducati for decades, wouldn’t surprise me to see them stop making them entirely at some point.

  • Smitch

    I dislike the Diavel more than most, and am firmly in the “no cruiser from Ducati” camp. But whatever, it’s like a Porsche Panamera in that it’s butt ugly but performs well and makes money. Necessary evil. I’ll still look smugly and subjectively down upon it! Ha!