Rumor: Casey Stoner To Race at the Suzuka 8-Hour?

03/02/2015 @ 11:48 am, by Jensen Beeler24 COMMENTS


A rumor that we are almost certain isn’t true, yet too good not to muse about: Casey Stoner is said to be making a return to motorcycle racing, competing in the prestigious Suzuka 8hr endurance race for Honda.

The rumor comes from the Sportmediaset blog of Max Temporali — usually one of Italy’s more reputable sporting publications. Given Stoner’s contentious relationship with the media, especially the Italian media, one can guess as to the motivations involved though.

Still, the story is one of particular fancy for Casey Stoner fans, who believe the two-time World Champion left Grand Prix racing far too soon.

The recent return of Troy Bayliss to the World Superbike limelight surely helps fuel the fires, and even Kevin Schwantz made a return to racing just two years ago at the Suzuka 8hr endurance racer.

A highly prestigious event, it was not long ago the Japanese OEMs stacked GP and SBK stars onto their factory Suzuka 8-hour teams, in the hopes of besting each other (Colin Edwards and Valentino Rossi were one such team, for example), though that tradition has now largely gone-away.

Another factor to consider too is the battle that Stoner gave HRC in regards to racing in Japan after the Fukushima nuclear plant disaster…we don’t imagine him stepping foot on Japanese soil anytime soon, let alone in racing leathers.

We would love to be proven wrong though.

Source: Piega & Spiega; Photo: HRC

  • Frenchie

    Well since he’s been testing at Motegi quite a few times for HRC (that is stepping foot on Japanese soil in racing leathers), Fukushima is very old news indeed ;)

  • Touché.

  • almazing

    HA! This pansy racing in an 8 hour endurance?!?!?! Is he going to quit halfway through?

  • Jack Meoph

    Yes, please. I’ve always felt Stoner stepped aside way, way, way too soon. I don’t know what was rattling around in his head that made him retire, but it was just wrong. Whatever hobby racing, be it 2 or 4 wheels, he’s doing down under, he needs to kick it to the curb and get real.

  • Piglet2010

    Who gets kicked to the curb – Dovi, Dani, or…?

  • Jack Meoph

    He doesn’t need to get back into MotoGP. But if he did chose that path I’m sure a seat would open up for him. Nope, I’m thinking do the Suzuka and see what other world endurance races become available, then the IOM.

  • n/a

    Had this thought immediately after his last test when a (endurance?) CBR1000R was mentioned. A Motogp test rider has no business being on a CBR… Unless he’s deciding if he wants to race it? *wink wink*.

    A single event and a large pay cheque from Honda (to win), why not?

  • Bruce Almighty

    Please let it go. The sport doesn’t need him. Many of us don’t miss him. It was his decision to make (it’s his life), and he made it. It would be a relief if bloggers and journalists and forum posters would not waste space with another Stoner rumor, but unfortunately they cannot seem to help themselves because the headline brings in views.

  • Jack Meoph

    Not a fan huh?

  • AussieRacer

    Far more important things in life than entertaining you people on 2 wheels!! He has a family and a gorgeous daughter. Looking at her face, I don’t blame him one bit for wanting to stay home.

  • AussieRacer

    Obviously you have no family or virtues!! You must be German. Bloody fool.

  • H.L.

    If the new MotoGP rules coming in 2016 makes the racing closer among all manufacturers like WSBK, then no one will be thinking about Stoner period. The young guns across all three classes are very talented and coming up fast.

  • Bruce Almighty

    He’s a gifted rider, with a preternatural ability to go fast without a perfect set up. I was a fan of his during his 2006 season with LCR Honda, and was really impressed with his first title for Ducati. However, his temperament didn’t lend itself to the off-track commitments of the sport, and his snarky comments became a source of irritation for me. He appears happier in retirement. Good for him, good for us.

  • n/a

    Unless I’ve taken it in the wrong context, that first sentence pisses me right off.

    Since when did racers, race for the purpose of entertaining spectators?

  • Chocodog

    It’s a good move, Stoner should be racing in MotoGP too

  • XL2C

    Pose that question to Dorna. They would be happy to tell you. Rossi and Marquez would gladly grin, joke, giggle, pop wheelies and race for your benefit too! And don’t forget the helmets and T-shirts. In addition, there are PLENTY of articles by moto journos proclaiming the whole business as show business. Some have even called it soap opera for men. But never mind the dancing girls.

  • When money changed hands.

  • n/a

    Potentially good point(s).

    If no spectators turned up, or watched on tv etc., racing wouldn’t happen?

    Rossi’s moto ranch for example, those dudes ‘race’ in there but they don’t let spectators in?

  • Westward

    Are you serious?

  • Mitchel Durnell

    Also, he gets edgy if his race garage is too close to the Ducati mechanics


    I think Stoner should get on board the APRILIA MotoGP bike, this year is testing [maybe some podiums if lucky] but next year its maximum attack, Marco is not the rider for Italian MotoGP bikes, no idea why
    Stoner needs to win on a non Honda, that would make his CV look more stunning! :-)

  • Frenchie

    This is a tale of 4s.

    When Stoner jumped on the Ducati, they had won 7 races in 4 years (which is not bad).
    Then Stoner came on board for 4 years during which Ducati scored 24 wins (23 with Stoner, 1 flag to flag with Capirex) and their only MotoGP title so far.
    In the past 4 years since Stoner left, Ducati have won 0 race and merely scored 7 podiums compared to 52 podiums (42 with Stoner) in the previous 4 years period.

    That is to say that in only 4 seasons, Stoner is responsible for 74% of all Ducati MotoGP wins in a 12 years span, or that excluding Stoner’s results, Ducati merely won 8 races in 12 years.

    Yeah, I would say that Stoner has already done quite a bit on a non-Honda, and I agree that it does make his CV look more stunning.

  • Spurdog1

    It was probably having lived away from his home in Australia since he was 14 and wanting more time with his family that made him quit. Would be very surprised to see him at the IOM, that is not a safe race, and it usually takes years to become competitive due to the need to learn 38 miles of circuit.

  • sburns2421

    I would think Stoner would be the perfect rider to debut the RC213-S in World Superbike assuming of course a) it is actually made, b) some version of it is made in sufficient numbers for homologation, and c) he would actually do it.

    Stoner would be a GOD in World Supers, and if Honda ever wants a sniff of a championship again it needs a new bike badly. Guintoli brings the #1 plate to the team and will be lucky to be #4 or #5 in points at the end of the year.

    Who knows Stoner may like the atmosphere better in WSBK than in MotoGP. While not as prestigious, my guess is his participation would raise awareness greatly.