Brammo Eyeing an Electric Sportbike?

06/03/2010 @ 6:01 am, by Jensen Beeler11 COMMENTS

What on Earth could possess electric motorcycle manufacturer Brammo to buy a BMW S1000RR, and then sell it on eBay after only putting 700 miles on the bike? Was Brammo CEO Craig Bramscher not pleased with what’s being hailed as the Sportbike of 2010? No, that’s not the case, Bramscher apparently heralded the bike as the best motorcycle ever made (besides the Brammo Enertia of course).

With a lime green (naturally) BMW S1000RR sitting outside of Brammo HQ not too long ago, and now an eBay classified ad selling said bike, we’re left to wonder what could be in the works. Could a Brammo electric sportbike be peculating in the minds of the Ashland, Oregon volt-heads? Only time will tell.


    Brammo will at TT Zero racing ?

  • I don’t think Brammo will be at the IOM this year. If they do appear, it’s one of the best kept secrets (at least from me).


    Why Brammo and Mission Motors don’t run in famous races for example IOMTT?

    there are significant media returns in these events! Sponsors , partnership ect……

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  • marshall

    The reason Mission and Brammo aren’t racing much is probably because they are past the “get as much attention as possible while developing the first couple prototypes” phase and into the “okay, if we are actually going to be a profitable company (and get desperately needed investment money) we need to manufacture and sell some bikes” phase. I think the resources required for racing are just too great for small companies who have already managed to get some media attention, and are at a point where they must begin production to prove their profitability. It’s a shame though!


    Brammo and Mission perhaps are famous because they have much invested or their image?
    Brammo and Mission perhaps have they too muchi invested in image?

    they have ran one race seems very little to return the image and especially to develop the product.

  • MTGR

    I would argue that Brammo and the others need to keep racing now more than ever. They need to show clear proof they are still advancing if they ever intend to draw any of the grassroots motorcycle people over.

    I was an early supporter of electrics simply because I saw them get out there and innovate at the track, far moreso than most ice models can anymore with their rigidly ruled race classes. The less I see the electrics competing the less interested I am in their products; it just suggests to me that they have no idea how to improve and are afraid it will show.

    If Brammo really did compare performance with a BMW I suspect the only outcome would be a sudden realization of just how tall the mountain is and how close to the bottom they still are. Could explain the quick turn-around of that model, one ride was likely enough to realize they were nowhere close.

  • marshall

    I don’t think Brammo bought an S1000RR to compare its performance to an electric bike; as you say, they would be nowhere close.

    Attracting grassroots motorcycle people to electrics is important for attracting investors’ money, but so is proving that electrics can be profitable in the long run. I doubt either company will have trouble selling initial small batches of their bikes at very high special edition prices.

    I’m willing to bet all electric bike companies can – and are fully aware of their ability to – improve their products/prototypes quite a bit. Even without jumps in battery technology. The problem is that they are pioneering an effort to develop a very new machine with unique (but not insurmountable) engineering problems, but they do not have the staff and money to develop the product, race it, show off to investors, etc. all at the same time. It’s a balancing act.

    What will really be interesting in the next couple years, in my opinion, is what will happen to the pioneers as the big manufacturers start to get into electrics. Will their head start and ability to rapidly develop the bikes keep them ahead of the the slower, but better-equipped established motorcycle companies? Should be interesting.

  • MTS Lust

    Interesting. Of course it could be that Mr. Brammo bought an S1000RR, didn’t like it and is now getting rid of it. I’m sure its a brilliant machine, but its certainly not universally appealing with its demanding ergonomics, and ultra-high rpm powerband. Or maybe there are aspects of the chassis that are relevant to Brammo R&D.