Brammo Anti-Scooter in 60 Days

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Just a few weeks ago, Brammo began rolling-out their program to sell Enertia electric motorcycles at Best Buy’s along the west coast. Most companies would be content to rest on this accomplishment and catch their breath, but not the folks in Ashland, Oregon.

Maybe it’s all that clean-air they’re breathing, or there’s something in the water; either way, we’re happy to report that in the nexy 60 days or so, you’ll see a new product announcement from Brammo, secretly dubbed “The Anti-Scooter”.

Called the Anti-Scooter internally, the next electric-powered two-wheeled creation from Brammo will aim to be a scooter replacement, which will not require a motorcycle license (or in some states, an easier to get M2 license) in order to be ridden.

Continuing on Brammo’s goal of bringing new consumers into the world of motorcycling, this Anti-Scooter (official name yet to be determined) hopes to get new people on tw0-wheels, who have yet to get their motorcycle license.

In order to get non-licensed riders on the new motorcycle, Brammo will impose a speed restrictor on the new motorcycle that will mimic the displacement restrictions that various states have set in-place for mopeds and motorized bicycles.

Normally this would be a difficult task for a manufacturer, since laws vary from state-to-state, but since electric motorcycles can impose this restriction via software, the variance is easy to make.

We got a chance to glimpse the Anti-Scooter on our way through Oregon this week. The Honda Ruckus inspired bike sits low to the ground and hopes to be an electric alternative to the Vespa scooter, which have become increasingly popular here in the US.

Brammo hopes to show the public the Anti-scooter in the nexy 60 days, and based on customer feedback, proceede with the final design process. We were told few technical details, but it wouldn’t be hard to imagine that with a top-speed of 30 mph, the Anti-Scooter could match the Enertia for range, even with smaller battery packs. Stay tuned for more information as we get it.