Aprilia Tuareg Adventure Tourer Rumored

03/31/2010 @ 1:59 pm, by Jensen Beeler13 COMMENTS

On the heels of a strong Dakar Rally showing, Aprilia is rumored to have a full-tilt adventure bike in the works. Based on the Shiver platform, the Aprilia Tuareg will feature a 750cc v-twin motor, steel tube chassis, and a 21″ front wheel for maximum off-road capability. The Aprilia Toureg is expected to tip the scales under 200kg (441lbs), and a road version with a 19″ front wheel and 1200cc motor could also make the 2011 line-up.

Not to be confused with TouaregĀ (the VW flop of an SUV), the Aprilia Tuareg is named after a group of Northern African nomads, who coincidentally inhabit a good portion of land where the old Dakar Rally used ran through (you know back when the Dakar Rally actually ended in Dakar). With only the most basic details available, it would still seem that Aprilia is gearing up to make a serious bid into the adventure bike segment. This can also only be a sign of the Italian company ramping up its efforts in races like the Dakar, as it tries to expand its total market segment involvement.

Early indications peg the Aprilia Tuareg as making an appearance at the 2010 EICMA motorcycle show in Milan, it’s unclear if the bike will be a 2011 model or not at this point in time.

Source: Motociclismo.it

  • gildas

    No 450cc race legal version? Too bad…

  • BikePilot

    Probably a wise move going with the increased displacement as bikes such as this will typically be used for adventure touring rather than racing while the vast majority of non-factory sponsored racing for which a 450cc bike would be suitable (enduro, MX, SM, desert etc) requires a lighter bike like the RXV.

    I’m pretty sure they won’t be able to use that name due to the conflict with the VW version. Also, the VW version isn’t an obvious flop – they are all over DC and Boston along with their porsche and audi badged variants.

  • akatsuki

    I’d like to see a V4 multistrada competitor with just a bit more off-road capability. This looks nice though.

  • Dusty

    *DROOL* I would love to see this make it to the U.S. Kind of like a V-Strom with benefits!

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  • Bjorn

    I’ll wait for them to buy the frame tubes. Or did you mean steel Jenny?

  • Bjorn

    Seriously, in the right hands, these things will stitch up a sports bike on the real world roads that most of us ride on.

    Good on Aprilia for jumping into this expanding market segment.

  • Yes…crap.

  • Not Interested

    If that is going to be an adventure touring bike then they better get a different seat. I sure would not want to ride all day on the seat in the picture……

  • Kai

    Remember: this is just a picture based on rumours. Judging if the saddle is useable for long distance riding or not is totally impossible, based on a preliminary drawing like this one. I would wellcome Aprilia to build something like this, finally a real competitor to the F800GS in the medium weight adventure bike segement!

  • Scott

    That makes my Quota look good.

  • james

    This is good news! Also, I have to agree with other comments here: the Touareg is definitely not a flop, certainly not in South Africa.

  • Dan

    Tuareg has been used by Aprilia in the past, so it is not a new name for them hence there should be no issue for them to use it. I was about to jump on a KTM 950 but if Aprilia builds this 750 Twin I will hold out.