Aprilia RSV4 Race Replica Coming?

Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Tumblr is reporting that Aprilia is set to release a race-spec replica of its RSV4 superbike. While the rumor is not clear if this will be a track-only model, or street-legal race rep like the Desmosedici RR, what is clear is that the bike is expected come with a WSBK spec motor, chassis, and electronics package.

With a price tagged rumored to be around €50,000, the race replica RSV4 certainly won’t be cheap if it’s built, but compare that price to the €90,000 price tag that comes on Ducati’s 1198RS race bike that teams have to purchase from Bologna if they want to compete in WSBK, and the RSV4 starts looking very affordable. However, with most rumors, we’re not sure this story is all that it’s cracked up to be. Keep reading for our analysis and thoughts.

While this rumor centers around a bike that would be available to either street-riding consumers, or track day enthusiasts, we think the more likely explanation is that Aprilia is getting ready to offer the RSV4 to non-factory backed teams (or at least satellite teams). Under-cutting the price on a race-prepped Ducati 1198RS, could mean Aprilia is getting ready to go for the jugular in WSBK. Hoping to swarm the race series with a large field of privateer RSV4’s, Aprilia certainly could be seeing World Superbike as a part of a larger strategy at getting its house in order, and challenging Ducati as the premiere Italian superbike brand.

We have a hard time with the consumer version race bike rumor for the simple reason that it doesn’t make much sense. With a price tag just under the Desmosedici RR, and admittedly not nearly as much sex appeal, a high-priced race replica like this isn’t like to find a very large market in the consumer pool. However as a race-ready motorcycle, the Aprilia RSV4 race bike is a bargain buy considering how well the bike has performed in WSBK, and how its priced to its closest (geographically) competitor.

As always time will tell, but if we were Ducati, we’d take note of this rumor.

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